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Affirmation MP3

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 The single most important factor that allows us to thrive in our relationships, career, personal, and financial goals is to…  is the ability to successfully re-program your unconscious mind and implement behavioral habits and strategies that produce the opportunities for you to finally succeed in life!

Re-program your unconscious mind for true success!  Using your internal language to create a new reality is the fastest and most powerful way to transform your life in the direction YOU choose. By consistently listening to these 280 positive affirmations to yourself “with emotion” you’ll begin to create new unconscious associations. Wealth, Relationships, Health & Spirituality. 4 complete tracks; 70 Affirmations each, embedded with a wonderful hypnotic soundtrack. 55 minutes total time.  (all downloadable media, no physical products.)

  I promise you’re gonna love this! It’s easy to listen to; just play it in the background while you’re working, house cleaning or studying. Or even more POWERFUL, listen to it as you fall asleep like I do.  
Kenny Navaran