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3C’s To The Perfect Relationship!


You must KNOW the path you desire to be on (or desire to follow). You must decide in your body/mind, so every cell is aligned with everything you do moving towards your goal. Without this commitment your unconscious mind, which runs 90% of who we are, will not be open to see the opportunities the universe will provide for you. Once you commit, you will see and move forward to achieve your desired results. FOCUS IS POWER! Especially in the 3C’s To The Perfect Relationship!


This is our biggest challenge: to connect with our true essence of who we are and who we want to become. In order to achieve anything in life you must learn to MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS. Emotions control our decisions; decisions shape your future. When you master your emotions, you master your life! Understand that feelings are fleeting. They come and go like clouds in the sky, they can be beautiful, or they can be destructive. It’s up to you to decide if they serve you or handicap… COMMIT TO EXCELLENCE!

“Master Your Emotions, Master Your Life!”


Next is the ability to be able to communicate these feelings of what we desire and who we are, YES? It’s called influence AND negotiation! Once you are in charge of your emotions, and NOT MAKE OTHERS WRONG, you’ll find a mutual solution to achieve what you both desire. 

Zig Ziglar once said; “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” Because without communicating our emotions and feelings we are just a dictator of others. And dictators take what they want and do not care about what others want or their feelings. Much in the same way individuals are taking control of our cities, speech and ideas in todays society. IT WILL NOT WORK! This is not the way WE AS AMERICANS, OR GLOBAL INDIVIDUALS will move forward. We must honor and respect each other first in order to negotiate and satisfy our needs to better our world! 

If you are a successful individual, you know that without conflict there is no success! Conflict can bring understanding and learning, not selfishness and destruction. There is POWER in problems! They are lessons in disguise. Great leaders are great problems solvers not problem aggravators. 

If you have decided and are committed to creating a wonderful relationship, in a wonderful world, solve problems for yourself and for others! BECOME A LEARNER, A LEADER, A LOVER IN YOUR OWN LIFE FIRST! Again, especially in the 3C’s To The Perfect Relationship!

To your success, John

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Words Hold POWER!

Yep, another Corona article… but an important one!

Fear… it’s a conditioned response that has allowed us to survive since the dawn of time! But now, in this climate, fear has taken hold of our common sense and its wreaking havoc on our daily lives, with business and especially our emotions.

We all recognize what’s currently happening around the globe. We’ve watched the news, read some articles (both factual and fake) and we all have an opinion about it.

(I genuinely hope you are safe and taking precautions to remain healthy. THAT is the most important thing!) Fear creates a lot of doubt and uncertainty. It’s 100% natural and understandable. Nobody REALLY knows what will happen. Do we?

That’s not what this article is about, though. This is about our perspective and how we impact our world! I believe in times like this that we all need to focus a little more on others. Ask yourself – Where can I provide VALUE where others need it most?

Whatever you decide to do, it probably won’t change the world, but it can impact just ONE other person around you in a positive way… and that’s worth it! Take the focus off yourself and help others around you to help yourself! Let’s show humanity the best of what we’re capable of, YES?

Okay, here’s the easiest way to make a huge impact on others and most importantly, yourself… 


When we change our language, we change our thinking. When we change our thinking, we change our reality. When we become awake to our language, we utilize a powerful tool (the unconscious mind) in programming the other 90% of our brain. You become fully potentialized out of your limitations and into the world of possibilities.

“Master Your Emotions, Master Your Life!”

Words hold power! Each word carries with it images, sounds and feelings. Because of this, our subconscious takes our language literally and personally. As we speak, we are programming our subconscious each and every moment.

The challenge is this: We are completely unaware of how the words we choose penetrate our health, outcomes and behaviors to ourselves and others. The words that empower us most are those that propel us towards the results we desire. This is when we are held responsible for our choices.

If you want to truly impact your world, others you interact with, and your business, begin to become AWARE of the internal language you use to create and shape your world! The CHOICE to change your language will have the largest, generative effect on your thinking and behavior than any other means of personal power.

Words of disempowerment keep us stuck, and the use of empowering language will upgrade our mental outlook and those of others… My favorite 7 examples are:


    Decide             My choice is

    I would, could       I will, can

    I can’t             I can, I will

    Try                I will, or won’t

    It’s a problem       It’s a challenge

    I should            I will, I choose

    I don’t know        I choose to find out

If you’re serious about making a simple transformation and want to learn more, allow me to gift you a free coaching session for you or your business. Contact me at (818) 879-2000 or my website -OR- to easily shift your old habits, read my new book,Discovering Trance. It’s all about using visualization and self-hypnosis to change your limiting beliefs, bad habits and negative self-talk.

Check out:

To your success, John

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How To Stop Procrastinating!

Definition: “To put off doing something (usually unpleasant or burdensome)until a future time, especially to postpone such actions habitually.


Having an incomplete task hanging over our heads is not only tough emotionally; it creates challenges in our lives because we’re less productive and not doing what we’re supposed to. Here are 10 tips that will help you learn how to overcome procrastination and get more done:


don’t get stressed get productive person writing notes

Do you feel like you look at your to-do list and immediately feel overwhelmed? Instead of viewing your daily tasks as one monstrous thing to accomplish, break up your duties into smaller, actionable items.

Add one or two of the sub-tasks to your daily action plan until the overall task is complete.


Write down all the little 10-15 minute tasks that are involved to get your outcome. For instance, you know you have to go to the post office, grocery store and be online for a conference call. How can you group some of these items together so they’re less burdensome? Can you go to a grocery store that’s in closer proximity to the post office?

Arrange your tasks by efficiency and order of importance, so that you won’t have to think them through each time you find a small timeslot available.


Create and commit to a specific time limit for each segment of the task and schedule a block of time to work on one segment each day.


You’ll feel more prepared and better able to overcome procrastination when you have all the necessary resources on hand.

That way, you avoid excuses to drift off because you’re missing something.


Will you have more spare time to engage in a fun activity this weekend? If you knock this item off your to-do list now, will you be able to work on your passion project tonight?


don’t get stressed get productive man in hammock

The reward can be something as simple as treating yourself to an iced tea or watching an episode of your favorite show. Even having something small to externally motivate you will help to overcome procrastination.

7 - THE BEST WAY TO GET SOMETHING DONE IS TO BEGIN.  You can always find some little thing to get the task started: pull the files, write an outline, draft the introduction today and the conclusion tomorrow. Remember, begun is half done!

8 - GET THE UNPLEASANT TASK DONE FIRST (IDEALLY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY) AND STICK WITH IT UNTIL IT GETS DONE. When you do this, the rest of the actions will look easier and less intimidating. Persistence is key.


don’t get stressed get productive man and woman speaking.  Tell someone else you are going to get the task or project done. Knowing that someone will be checking in on your progress will make you feel more compelled to complete it.


When you pick it up, or open it on your computer, take action on it and set it aside when you’re finished.

Remember, action begets action. The way to land a bigger project or achieve your desired outcome done is to start small and start now. Once you begin to make progress, the momentum will keep growing—and you will achieve more and procrastinate less.

To your success, John

Setting Goals is a MUST…

Do you know the main reason why most people never obtain they’re goals; they never really know HOW TO properly set goals and they don’t understand the principles of GETTING your goals. I’m going to touch on just these two key factors in this article, although in my Amazon book “Setting Goals – Quick & Easy Worksheet, Theory and SMART Goals!” you’ll find more in depth explanations and homework to really dig deep and get moving.

There are only 3 factors you need to focus upon when getting what you want. And BTW, these are the exact same factors EVERYONE goes through to get anything we set our mind upon; from brushing your teeth, going to the grocery store, to launching a new career, it’s all the same strategy. We inherently: #1 – Get Clear, #2 – Get a Plan, #3 – Get Motivated. That’s it! Think about it.

When-ever you want something you get a REAL CLEAR picture and sense of what it will give you. You devise up some type of plan to go after it, and then you drum up the courage and motivation to GO GET IT! Yes? Seriously, think about this simple act of doing anything in your life and apply these things factors to it. We all do this!

Now, here’s comes the challenge. When it comes to SIMPLE things you want such as clean teeth, filling your stomach, or enjoying the satisfaction of a sporting event, we move towards these goals with effortless abandonment. WE DONT WORRY about the feeling of that come-along with getting them. But when it comes to the bigger things; asking someone out, getting physically fit, or trying a big ticket item; car or a home, we lose or minds! There are all these negative feelings that come along with them, right?

Understand that they arise on the little things too but we don’t give them much juice! It’s this ONE THING that holds most people back from getting everything they want. They can’t control the negative states of mind that arise and they don’t know how to over-come them when they do, make sense? Go to Amazon to BUY the book on “Setting Goals – Quick & Easy Worksheet, Theory and SMART Goals!”

So with this new found knowledge of the PROCESS of what your mind goes through you can now learn to control your feelings and make them work for you now! To do this just get enough emotional leverage upon yourself; ask “WHY do I want this and want will this give me? “ The more reasons WHY and the bigger reasons they will give you will push you over the edge to move towards it. Try it I dare you, you’re already do this process anyway. Now make it work FOR YOU! Email me if you have any questions, I’m here to help!  Get SETTING GOALS on Amazon!  

Is It Focus or Failure?

Did you watch the Olympic games at all?  I’m addicted…. even to the Curling! LOL

I believe its all the mental focus you need to get there and then compete at that level. But I’m also sure it has a lot to do with doing what you love, yes?

Check out Shaun White’s comeback after a serious facial injury on the half-pipe just months before qualifying for the 2018 I’m typing this he clinches the gold medal…

BEST IN THE WORLD!So what in your life are YOU focused on right now? It’s the middle of February and are your New Year goals happening? It’s said that most goals never come to fruition because so many people lose focus after just 30 days. The trick is to keep the END of the goal, the RESULTS you desire, consistently in mind. It’s FOCUS or FAILURE!

Here are 3 tricks to create more motivation for getting your goals;1. Cut out pictures and post them around your house/office.2. Tell someone you can be accountable to daily.3. Send yourself email or text reminders weekly or daily.

There are two types of MOTIVATION the mind utilizes to succeed. It’s called the TOWARD and AWAY from strategies. We either move AWAY from the pain or move TOWARDS the pleasure of having it. Once you figure out which one works best for you for each goal, your brain will create the necessary motivation to get what you want.

Example; if you wanted to increase your income by 20% this year what would be more motivating to you; to keep you from struggling to pay the bills (AWAY FROM) or to get you more peace of mind to enjoy your freedom more often (TOWARDS) – COOL HUH?

Learning to use your mind more effectively is the best skill you’ll ever learn to transform your life to the life you want to live!I’d love to hear your goals and challenges, maybe we can help push each other faster and easier obtaining them. Contact me, I PROMISE I’ll reply.

How To Change Your Negative Self-Talk!

How to Quickly Reprogram Your Negative Beliefs… and Forever!

Have you ever found yourself talking to yourself? Of course, we all talk to ourselves. These verbal dialogues you have are representations of your mental maps, view of the world, or from an early age how you’ve constructed your reality. Think about them this way; they can be an exchange of information between the conscious and UN-conscious mind. It’s a way we analyze, discuss and behave in the world we live in. Your self-talk can be positive or negative. Examples: “Why do I always make bad choices?” or “I always give great advice.” 

In NLP we say ‘this is our programming,’ it’s what we’ve LEARNED that worked as children. But when we become older these antiquated programs no longer serve us. We need to UPDATE our mental software.

Our inner dialogue usually SUPPORTS our beliefs, negative or positive that have gotten downloaded onto our mental hard-drives. And, our verbal self-talk can strengthen OR change our beliefs. Because we never operate outside of our constructed beliefs!

Thoughts become behaviors, behaviors become habits and habits become character!

The secret is to catch yourself become you utter your inner self-talk to the outer world. Change your inner dialogue, change your world!

The idea of this exercise to FRIST become aware of your self-talk that does not support you. SECOND, to take conscious control and alter the inner and outer dialogue.

Here’s how to re-program your beliefs by changing your self-talk:

1 – Evaluate and Analyze all your inner self-talk that happens for just ONE DAY! Do nothing with it for now, just ask yourself; ‘is this supporting me or hindering me?’ That's it, a very simple exercise of AWARENESS! Dr. Phil says: “You cannot change something unless your acknowledge it first!” This alone may change the way you view your world. It will amaze you at all the garbage our minds filter through. Garbage In, Garbage Out!

2 – Catch Yourself when saying something out loud, or even to yourself, and Say OUT-LOUD to yourself “Cancel / Clear” or “Delete” every time you catch yourself engaged in negative self-talk. ( pick the one that works best for you).When you THINK or SAY something to yourself AND others, it literally reinforces your internal beliefs. Because we look for EVIDENCE to support what we believe.

3 – Replace the negative self-talk “immediately” with something POSITIVE to counter the negative programming. Something that YOU BELIEVE. This is the key, if your UN-conscious mind does not believe it, it wont accept it as something true!

The new self-talk MUST BE stated in the positive and present tense. At first this will seem strange and weird just because its different or opposite of what you believe now. Though if you continue what will begin to happen is the CONSCIOUS mind to CATCH yourself before you utter a negative word or belief and that is the beginning of making a simple change in your behavior.

Just remember; the unconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is REAL and what is IMAGINARY. And when positive self-talk is coupled with strong emotion the re-programming takes hold much quicker. Change your habits, change your beliefs. Habits are directed by our beliefs!

Here’s list of easy words to begin with:

Try > replace with “I Will” or “I Wont

But > replace with “And”

Problem > replace with “Challenge”

Enjoy this process, at first it will seem silly especially if your friends catch you talking to yourself OUT LOUD!  LOL