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Sample Audio MP3


What You Receive:

– 6 Modules inside system
– In-depth exercises each module
– One MP3 audio per lesson
– 100 Pg step-by-step Manual
– 30 day on-going email support

Audio Lessons:

1. Get What You Want Easily, Faster and Every Time. Listen as John explains how and why high-performers set and easily achieve their goals so you can replicate their same behaviors.

2. Create INSTANT Likability With Most Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. Listen as John takes you through a step-by-step process of HOW to build a powerful connection with others. People like each other, when we tend to BE like each other… 93% is unconscious!

3. Finally Understanding The Insanity Of Human Behavior. You’ll finally learn how and WHY people do what they do, and how to diffuse, handle and deal with anyone easily and effectively, including yourself!

4. Seductive Language to Entice the Most Resistant. Your voice has the potential to compel or repel others. Now, it’s time to learn how to truly move others into action by understanding what causes them to act.

5. Trigger Emotionally Empowering States with Ease. Build confident and empowering states of mind to accomplish more of what you really want from your life. Learn to change negative emotions into ones that consistently serve you.

6. Discover Deeper Meaning in What Other’s Saying. Discover the deeper meaning that is in our language and finally understand how people make sense of their world, and then why they communicate
the way they do

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Speak Up With Power System