nlp training certification

Interviewed by Susan Bratton

What You Receive:

– 6 Modules inside system
– In-depth exercises each module
– One MP3 audio per lesson
– 100 Pg step-by-step Manual
– 30 day on-going email support

Audio Lessons:

1. Get What You Want Easily, Faster and Every Time. Listen as John explains how and why high-performers set and easily achieve their goals so you can replicate their same behaviors.

2. Create INSTANT Likability With Most Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. Listen as John takes you through a step-by-step process of HOW to build a powerful connection with others. People like each other, when we tend to BE like each other… 93% is unconscious!

3. Finally Understanding The Insanity Of Human Behavior. You’ll finally learn how and WHY people do what they do, and how to diffuse, handle and deal with anyone easily and effectively, including yourself!

4. Seductive Language to Entice the Most Resistant. Your voice has the potential to compel or repel others. Now, it’s time to learn how to truly move others into action by understanding what causes them to act.

5. Trigger Emotionally Empowering States with Ease. Build confident and empowering states of mind to accomplish more of what you really want from your life. Learn to change negative emotions into ones that consistently serve you.

6. Discover Deeper Meaning in What Other’s Saying. Discover the deeper meaning that is in our language and finally understand how people make sense of their world, and then why they communicate
the way they do


Speak Up With Power System

Regularly $297. /  NOW only $97.00


Want to be able to influence anyone, anytime…  including YOURSELF?

Wouldn’t YOU like learn how to confidently Speak Up With POWER and INFLUENCE so you’re able to influence anyone at anytime? Of course you would! And just by listening to this powerful audio system and following along in my step-by-step workbook you’ll acquire these exact skills to build more confidence, create instant rapport, utilize hypnotic language patterns AND overcome self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. You’ll be able to influence yourself and persuade others so YOU CAN get more of what you really want everytime!

Question; “What do you believe is the #1 skill every successful and confident individual uses to produce EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS everyday of their lives?” 
It’s Communication! Their ability to influence themselves AND other people to get what they want! It’s SO SIMPLE, yet it’s so elusive if you’ve never learned HOW.

Appreciate this… Zig Ziglar once said:“You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want.” I whole-heartedly believe in this quote. Think about it! There’s nothing you can obtain in this world without someone else HELPING you attain it. So it only MAKES SENSE that you must have the verbal and persuasive language skills to help them HELP YOU!

So if you’ve been the type of person standing by waiting for IT to happen, or putting things off because you didn’t know how… until now, this is your opportunity to shine and make things happen for yourself! You’ll never have an opportunity like this to test your skills on hundreds or even thousands of individuals like I have, you’ll never be able to gain enough experience to know if IT WORKS ALL THE TIME. But now I’ve done that hard work for you, and by the way, I was shy and reserved growing up myself and not any good at it in the beginning either.  I had to LEARN THESE very same techniques, which now has brought me much success and prosperity you’re going to get if you decide THIS IS SOMETHING YOU NEED!

The Speak Up System was designed with the typical non-sales person in mind. This step-by-step process helps boost self-esteem, develop powerful language, set your intentions and direction to map out an actionable plan, and tools to expand your verbal and non-verbal skills to influence others positively, including yourself!  Speak Up With Power teaches communications and assertiveness skills via a self-paced easy to learn system. This course teaches anyone how to get more of what you want, every time!  Speak Up with Power is for anyone who has ever been afraid to speak up, reserved, or lacked the confidence, only because no one’s ever taught you how to master your communication. This system will give you the tools, help you overcome fears and learn to be a master communicator!

Just a few of the concepts and strategies you’ll learn:

* People LISTEN to your ideas
* Speak UP in meetings and discussions
* Build social/business relationships FASTER
* Speak with more CLARITY and precision
* Motivate yourself and others to GET THINGS DONE
* Develop a DEEP understanding of behavior
* Speak CONFIDENTLY in front of a room
* Learn the key DRIVING force of producing results
* Achieve your goals more QUICKLY
* Develop emotional power to MOVE through obstacles
* Know the RIGHT thing to say when you need it
* Ooze with confidence when you walk into a room
* Have more ENERGY to get more done daily

(downloadable media only, no physical products received –
We offer a 30 day guarantee, MINUS Paypal Fees)

“Wow, this was the BEST Communication Skills program I’ve ever listened to lately.
You’ve got to GET THIS! I promise you’ll love it.”  
– Marianne Wilson