3 Qualities Of A Great Coach!

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Have you been watching the Rio Olympics this last week? Doesn’t it inspire you to go for your goals? Wouldn’t you want to take your life to the next level?  Here are 3 qualities Olympic athletes look for in a great coach. And if you’re looking for your own Gold medal in business, relationships and your health, keep these in mind looking for your coach ! 


A good coach knows the importance of good communication. If you want to get what you want, you both need to be HONEST about where you’re at and where you’re going. (Honesty is always my best tool when working with a client).

Getting to the root cause of WHAT you want by asking great questions is just as important as getting you there, besides giving proper feedback and acknowledging your progress, and critical to your success.

Simple questions such as;

– How will you KNOW when you’ve got your goals?
– What will you see, hear and feel around you?

– How do believe others see you?

– What do you think are your greatest strengths?

– What do you feel you need to improve upon about yourself?


A good coach knows setting short term goals is just as important as long-term ones. The first thing I ask my clients is;
“If I were your travel agent what’s the first thing I’m going to ask you?”
Answer – “Where do you want to go?”

But if you ONLY know where you’re going without knowing HOW to get there it’s a little foolish to believe your vehicle will just manifest on its own. Developing a step-by-step strategy is the very thing that will help you get there.

Preparation is everything…. staying focused WITH a plan is essential in achieving what you’re aiming for.  A good coach understands this; having a destination, a plan and then to stay motivated along the path is how you reach your goals.

“If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.”  


Number one question I get asked from every CEO, business owner and entrepreneur; “How do I motivate my troops?” And the answer is “You Don’t!” They do. Most people believe there is some magic button if you push it will send them into laser-beam focus.

And the key is to help THEM motivate themselves. They already know what does it for them, ASK! If your relationship is HONEST you’ll both be on the same page. But there are definitely times when people just can’t go any further, exhausted and frustrated, and want to give it all up. That’s when being held accountable to your coach comes into play. They are there to give you a push, a bit of confidence and the reason why you began in the first place… your WHY!

If you’d like to master success, and find sometimes you just can’t get there in your own, consider working with a professional coach…. Your journey begins with one small step in the right direction. Decide for yourself. Give us a call to book your free 30 minute strategy session with us – GO HERE !

To Your Success, John

John James Santangelo PhD

Author John James Santangelo PhD

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