3 Tips For Getting Yourself Out Of A Funk!

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3 Tips For Getting Yourself Out Of A Funk!

1. Awareness, HOW ARE YOU FEELING?
2. Take 3 deep breaths, SLOWLY exhaling!
3. Ask yourself, What do I want instead?

1. Awareness, HOW ARE YOU FEELING?

One of the very first ideas/concepts I teach my NLP students in the practitioner training is;
“YOU’VE GOT TO BECOME AWARE of what you’re doing/feeling!”

Dr. Phil once said; “You can’t change what you don’t recognize.” I completely agree with this powerful statement. Think about that, HOW CAN YOU change something you dont know exists??? DUH! Seems ridiculous, though so many individuals, whether they’re enrolled in my course or they’re trying to do their lives, go through their days just feeling bad about something they dont know they can change. Here’s an excerpt from my first book; Asking The Right Question!” http://lanlp.com/products

“Neurologically, we take in two million bits of information into our brain through our five senses every second and distilling it down to just seven bits of information, plus or minus two. Imagine all the information lost because we can only focus on such a small portion at any given moment. Awareness is your ability to continually focus upon your intent, while noticing the results you’re producing within the present moment.

So many of us remain focused on the mistakes of the past or what we “should” be doing in the future. Our awareness is normally focused entirely upon looking into the future to avoid the pain of the past. This becomes a futile act, because the past has become a memory which only exists in our present anyway, and the future lives as a possibility of what can only be in the present Now. When we become the objective observer – the silent witness, without casting judgment upon it, we’ll discover that it’s within these moments where we find peace. In order to let go of the past, where all our pain resides, and find possibility in the future, we must focus our awareness on what is working all within the present moment.

My intention is that you comprehend this one simple concept: We’re governed by and behave according to the pain/pleasure principle, our unconscious mind’s primary intention is to avoid pain, rather than to achieve pleasure. We’ve been conditioned over the course of our lives to become aware of what doesn’t work and avoid the pain of having to deal with the disappointment and rejection that failure brings, so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again. “

2. Take 3 deep breaths, SLOWLY exhaling!

The wisdom in the meditative world is that the breath controls our being or existence. The breath and the body are interconnected, the breath and the emotions are interconnected, and the breath and the mind are interconnected, and when the breath is anxious the body/mind/emotions becomes anxious. This is because when the breath is calm the body is calm, the mind is calm, the EMOTIONS are calm. The breath is the connective link between all matter and energy, this is what we regard as LIFE!

The purpose of this simple breathing process/meditation is to calm the mind and create an inner peace. So you can stop the distractions, focus your attention, and achieve a clarity of mind.

Once you become a AWARE of how you’re feeling and want to change it, the next step is to STOP and take a long, slow deep breath. Do this 3 times all the while exhaling very, very slowly. This simple act will IMMEDIATLEY change your emotional state. (Remember in one of the previous Tips, our STATE & PHYSIOLOGY are intertwined, they AFFECT each other and when one changes the other changes.)
So be aware and then take 3 deep breaths, exhale slowly and notice your state of mind change. Once you change your state(s), you can now move on to create a more powerful and resourceful state to empower your day.

3. Ask yourself, What do I want instead?

With Newtonian Laws of Physics, the third law states; “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A pair of forces acting on two interacting objects. The size of the force on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object.

And, with every thought there is a flip-side /yin,yang; the theory states everything is in relation to its whole. The theory is based on two basic ingredients: yin and yang, which can be either materials or energy. They combine in a complementary manner and form a method for explaining relationships between things. Everything in nature can be expressed as the opposition of yin and yang. This is the energizing force of all aspects of nature, even in thought AND behavior.

Our intention here, with our third tip, is when we’re feeling in a funk and we know WHAT we’re feeling to ask our self “what do I want instead?” (which is the opposite of what you’re feeling at the moment). This presupposes you know what that opposite feeling is and can imagine stepping into it. Imagine what that feeling would feel like, look like and what you’d be saying to yourself now that you fell this way. BECOME THAT NEW FEELING!

Now, once you implement all three steps in this simple process, repeat them over and over until you get great at just changing your states to more empowering ones. Know this; your destiny is shaped by your decisions, your decisions are shaped by your states of mind. Change your states, change your life, SIMPLE!

Like anything in life, it takes practice. Practice makes it so! As I instruct my students or clients, start with the un-important things that dont matter and the things that matter will take care of themselves. Practice!

And please let me know how you’re doing. I’d love your feedback.
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