3 Tips For Remembering Someone’s Name!

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3 Tips For Remembering Someone’s Name!

1. See Their Name On Their Forehead IN Color.
2. Repeat Their Name 3 Times To Yourself.
3. Associate Their Name To Something EMOTIONAL.   

William Shakespeare once said: “There is no sound as sweet as the sound of one’s own name” and he is spot on because using someone’s name means you care… you acknowledge they’re uniqueness and deem them valuable. It also means you realize how important building relationships can be to business and social interactions.

Ultimately, first impressions are considerably the one thing that will solidify rapport between individuals. And as the saying goes “you may not get a second chance to make a first impression. To bring this home for you, just remember how it FEELS when someone forgets YOUR name; nobody likes to be forgotten!

See Their Name ON Their Forehead In Color. (V)

Place their name, spelled correctly, on their forehead first. If you’re not sure, ask them HOW it’s spelled so you’re absolutely sure. Then imagine what it looks like in color, even multi-colors, even have the letters moving. The more outrageous the better!

Repeat Their Name 3 Times To Yourself. (A)

Say it back to them once as you acknowledge them or shaking their hand, maybe twice if it’s appropriate, and then again to yourself inside your mind. SEE it and HEAR it. Make sure both modalities are associated to each other in the best way for you!

Associate Their Name To Something EMOTIONAL. (K)

Memory is an active process. The more neuro-activity associated to that particular neuro pathway the easier it will be to retrieve the information. Using all three modalities V,-visual A-auditory K-kinesthetic is the most powerful way to install and retrieve. The key is;  the more emotion you put behind the association the easier it will be to retrieve next time you need it.

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