3 Tips To Clean Up / Organize Your Life!

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3 Tips To Clean Up / Organize Your Life!

1. Clean up your Desk top, PC, Inbox.
2. Declutter your living space.
3. Organize your daily routine.

Are you organized in your workspace, homespace and thinking?

When you look around at HOW you live are you pleased? Are you neat and efficient in your lifestyle?  Do you wish you could be more effective when you set out to accomplish something? Thoughts create behavior, behaviors create habits, habits create lifestyle!

Here’s a truth… All successful individuals are well organized!

Be organized in your thoughts, you’ll be organized in your surroundings. And if you’re organized in your surroundings, you’ll be organized in your achievements! 

Take a look around and see for yourself. Look at all the successful people you know or run into weekly. I would bet my life that all of them are neat, clean, and purposeful in their lives. YOU CANNOT focus if your mind AND environment is cluttered. Clutter is disorganization, and being disorganized is deadly when it comes to your success. Real success takes alot of work, focus and stamina. Having a cluttered environment means your disorganized in your thinking! Dont believe me…  look around!

Clean up your Desk top, PC, Inbox

Clean up your computers desktop. Try to get your desktop down to 5 – 10 items or less!

Go inside and clear out some or most of your computers folders you’ve created. Clear out old pictures, Word docs, and software programs you’ll never use again.

Unsubscribe from email lists that provide you with zero value. And lets be honest, most of them are a distraction (though not my emails, right?  😉  Unsubscribe from at least half of what you have now. Seriously take a look at where you focus your attention. Is it helpful or harmful to your success?

Clear out your email inbox. If you’ve collected a lot of old emails, delete them or store them in specific folders so they’re out of sight, out of mind. If you’ve collected thousands of emails, you’re a hoarder! 😉  Take baby steps and start with and delete 100 a day.

What about your old books, magazines, and newspapers cluttering up your space (ones you no longer reference), donate them to your local public library or schools near-by. And do not move them from your home into your garage… GEEZ!

Declutter your living and/or workspace.

The same with your computer… begin small because this is usually a larger task. Start with just five minutes. Begin small, end big, small steps to start are important. And Yes, five minutes can make a dent in clearing your home and mind. From there, you’ll succeed in making the mountain into a molehill.  Remember to celebrate each task. “What gets recognized gets done and what gets rewarded gets repeated.”  –  Michael Lebouef

Once you can do five minutes, continue your success, do another five minutes tomorrow, and then another five the next day. Before you realize it, you’ll have cleared an entire section of your home / workspace. And if you’d like to totally GO FOR IT, do ten minutes… WHEW, now you’re really on your way to success.

Organize your daily routine.

If you look around and say to yourself, “I need to organize my life!” but where exactly does you start? Successful individuals see time management as a super-power. I have seen people like Tim Farris: 4 Hour Work Week, get things done and said to myself, there’s no way that a mere mortal could get all that accomplished between 9 and 5!

Efficiently organizing your daily schedule at work and home is simple if you have a plan. Here are 3 guiding principles will help you with your daily schedule:

Decide before you take action – 

Invest your time each morning for just a few minutes to PLAN your daily schedule, ( I do mine the night before). Review your meetings appointments and tasks, figure out which one are top priorities, and actually re-prioritize your schedule so you have an easy to follow plan. This way nothing important gets left out.

Break your day/tasks into blocks –

It is always easier to accomplish SMALL tasks rather than shooting for the stars. So break up each task, if you can, into smaller manageable tasks you can scratch off your list faster. Simply devote a smaller chunk of time to one single task, give it your full attention and actually finish it before moving on to the next one. A good rule is to figure out how much time you need to complete each task in-advance so you dont run over.

Start with something big – 

People waste the first hour or two of their day (which is considered to be the most important hour of the day) on “busy work” (IE: email, web browsing, texting, mail, etc.) instead of accomplishing something. Pick a big task and get it done as early as possible. Pick something YOU NEED TO GET DONE and I promise you’ll feel amazing when you finish it! If you check that one off your list, before you do anything else, you’ll immediately feel you’re going to have a productive day! 

Some More Tips – 

– Organize your To Do list by priority

– Minimize social media and web browsing to get more work done

– Make a to do list every day, make it short, achievable and realistic”

– Schedule productive reading and writing the same time every day.

– Go over your schedule and To Do list at night to prepare for the next day

– Keep a notepad handy, somewhere to jot important things down quickly.

– Follow a REGULAR daily and weekly routine

– Oh, and I recommend banning procrastination! LOL

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