A Morning Ritual Sets You Up For Success!

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Are YOU a warrior?  Life can be a battle… BE STRONG and GO FOR IT! 

They say that the morning is fertile ground for your goals.
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It’s the time when your brain is most ready-to-go after being asleep for 8 hours or so.
If you’re like most productive individuals you get your best works done when you start your day. There’s something about beginning your projects I the morning.

My main Mantra I state in my posts and videos; Take Responsibility!
Nothing can be achieved without your commitment, this is crucial!
Are YOU committed to your own success? This is one of those questions that keeps the ‘ordinary’ person up each night is not knowing how they’re going to take care of themselves and/or their family, wanting to take their life to the next level. 

The difference in the mindset of the successful is they KNOW, without hesitation…
 they take action regardless of the challenges they face every day!
There is no failure, only feedback.”  – my favorite quote! 

In our NLP courses we instill our students with a new belief to; FAIL FASTER!
You’ve got to be unstoppable in your ability to TAKE ACTION daily.

One of the best behaviors you can develop is the ability to ACT!  Find out what motivates you in each context of your life, because your motivation strategy might be different in the context of your finances than in your relationship, or your health.

KNOWING what drives you in an invaluable skill to develop!

Ok, are you ready to learn to create your morning ritual? 

Here’s My 4 Step Process To Create A Powerful Morning Ritual. 

BTW, here is a great book on the subject;   “The Miracle Mornings”

1. it’s best to brainstorm what tasks you want to include in your morning rituals.

Write down all the things you want to accomplish on a daily basis in your morning ritual.
These should be the things you’re going to do EVERY morning.  Don’t worry if they’re not ‘exactly’ as you want them. This is a process and we’re looking for tasks not perfection.
Writing down all the things you want to accomplish, in no specific order, puts your mind at ease and it lets your subconscious work on them at your pace. And just writing them down allows you to have a bird’s eye view of what you want to achieve each morning.
You’ll discover the best possible ones

Step 2: Edit your list to the absolute MUSTS

Once you have let’s say, 25 or so tasks, you’ll then want to whittle them down to around 10 MUST DO tasks, (or whatever number works for you). When you begin you might have far too many on your list and some may have to be eliminated, but that’s ok because it’s better to have more to select from than trying to make your top 10 the ones that work! It’s easier to decide what you want by looking at more elements than less.

Step 3:  Order Your Tasks By Ascending Order of Importance

Begin by taking, your top 10 things you want to accomplish, look at each task and ask yourself where does it rank in an order of 1 to 10?  Take your time and edit them again and again that best fits your morning timing and motivation. Prioritize them from 1 being the most important to10 being of lesser importance.

Step 4: Be Consistent In The Execution Of Your Morning Routine

This is crucial!  Execute every day and try not to miss a day. I tend to do my list -every day, including weekends. You can be a little less strict on weekends if you desire.
Every day missed though “doubles” the effort needed to get started. Have you noticed how after vacation, going back to executing your routine is so much more difficult?
You may want to start your day with one or two easy tasks first, that way you get your much needed “wins” right away, and receive a release of dopamine which gives you a boost to continue and finish your list.
Everyone is different with this, decide how YOU work best… is it doing the easy tasks first or hardest to get them out of the way?

To your success, John
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