Break-Through Limitations! 

Mar 05, 2021


How would like to learn how to break through any limitation you have?

Imagine what you’d be able to accomplish if nothing stopped you from achieving all the things desire? How different would your life be today?

Well, you CAN change your circumstances. It begins with changing your state of mind.

Your state of mind determines the decisions you make and the decisions you make shape your life. We’ve all said at one point in our lives; “Oh, I wish I could go back and do that different!” 

The reason for those limiting decisions is the information and decisions you make at the time of making them. Better states of mind, better decisions, period!

So, you can change how you feel in an instant by simply changing your physiology.

Think about it: how do you stand when you feel happy or excited? What does your body language like when you’re sad or depressed?

The idea here is to re-train your brain to respond more appropriately, with emotions that serve you. Emotions that are powerful instead of limiting.

I’ve always said to my students and clients; “Pay attention to your physiology/body language, how you feel inside. Your emotions will never lie to you.”

The challenge is we tend to ignore or deny our feeling out of fear. Remember we do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure.

This simple process of empowerment works wonderfully ‘if’ you practice. Practice when it’s NOT important so you’ll respond appropriately when it IS important. Got it?

Here’s the process –

- When-ever you feel emotions that are negative; states that are disempowering,

just STOP and take notice rather than reacting to them. Respond with power!

(Dr Wayne Dyer once called it – responsibility; RE SPOND ABLITY,

meaning; respond with ability).

- Take a huge breath. At least one, three is better. Change your posture.

- Then ask yourself; “How do I want to feel instead?” This gives your unconscious mind the OPPOSITE to focus on, the opposite of how you’re feeling. 


Good? Remember, It’s a process, that means you need to practice it to get good at it. Here’s it is condensed:

- Awareness

- Breathe

- Ask

If you spend time practicing this when-ever you do not feel empowered, you will never again be a victim of your own limiting emotions again. 

Prove me wrong, PRACTICE and become unstoppable!

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