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john james santangelo PhD

I’d like to welcome you to a simple and powerful way to learn and grow beyond your expectations. Where, normally, do we learn the skills to achieve the things in life we want? I can tell you it’s not in school, and not from our parents (God bless them, they’re doing the best they know how).

To be honest? It’s up to YOU if you want to go beyond your childhood conditioning and learn new skills, methods and knowledge to become the powerful individual dwelling inside of you!

Below you’ll find our NLP courses to help you do just that! Now, it’s up to you to … GO FOR IT! Take a course and set your life on a new track!

Our Online NLP Courses

Introduction to NLP

Recorded LIVE at a Learning Annex event, this course goes into NLP’s cutting edge tools of human development; the most influential communication and personal …

Advanced  |   6 Lectures  |   6 hours

4.8 Stars  |  $27.

Speak Up With Power

This course is a LIVE recording from a 12-day NLP practitioner training in Los Angeles CA. Listen and learn powerful NLP methods, techniques and the ‘attitude’ NLP has …

Advanced  |   6 Lectures  |   6 hours

4.4 Stars  |  $97

NLP Practitioner Course

Would YOU like learn to confidently Speak Up With POWER and INFLUENCE so you can influence anyone at anytime? Of course! Just by listening to this powerful audio system …

Advanced  |   6 Lectures  |   6 hours

4.9 Stars  |  $497

Setting Goals Course

Have you ever struggled before setting goals? Writing it down HOPING to will come true?  Now, discover the secret to getting your goals by utilizing the power of your  subconscious mind!

Advanced  |   6 Lectures  |   6 hours

4.7 Stars  |  $7.

Manifesting Abundance

If you knew how powerful your thoughts were, you’d choose them more wisely. This  LIVE workshop recording, you’ll discover the exact formula for creating wealth, abundance and prosperity!

12 Lessons  |   6 MP3’s  |   6 Videos

4.7 Stars  |  $17

NLP Five-Step Sales Process

Successful and influential sales people understand selling is about taking clients through a process that builds rapport, uncovers their needs and asks for the sale. Now replicate the winning process!

Advanced  |   6 Lectures  |   6 hours

4.2 Stars  |  $47

john james santangelo PhD

Ready For A BreakThrough?

30 Minutes Can Change Your Direction… you already have everything you need to succeed within you. Don’t go it alone and no more wasting of your precious time… Discover your real hidden potential with John

Our Brain Is A Modelling Machine…  to change your behavior you need a good role model, a clear direction and then, the motivation to get you there. Let’s re-program your old, antiquated mental software so you can finally get all you deserve! 

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What Our Students Say

“I’'ve learned so much from him not only about how to visualize what I really want, but how to MAKE IT HAPPEN! John’s “NLP Training Home Study Program is an amazing course for realizing your dreams. Mine are already coming true!”

Mandy Keene

“Your unique and unparalleled efforts to customize Neuro Linguistic Programming training for military applications has significantly contributed to the overall high state of readiness of US Army Special Operations Command’s Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence elements. Your training reflects a great credit upon your organization.”

Chief Alan Gruell

“As a Personal stylist coach, let me ask you a question: "are you looking to transform your life and or business?" If the answer is YES, like me, this was the BEST INVESTMENT I made for myself. This is one decision you wont regret making. Enroll in John's course today!"

Yolanda Marie