Thank you for your interest in my new book: DISCOVERING NLP

I know you’re wondering…  What is NLP and What can it do for me?  Yes?

I’m introducing a new NLP training book: “Discovering NLP”  It’s all about modeling success! Imagine if you could easily model anyone’s successful behavior, that would be cool right? 

What if you could take bad habits or negative programming such as nail-biting, smoking, procrastination or even the negative self-talk you experience daily and completely eliminate it or better yet MODEL someone’s successful behavior you admire? How would your life be different then?

For me, NLP gave me the ability to GET CLEAR about what I wanted; INFLUENCE my thinking and the ability to TAKE ACTION consistently!. It systematically helped me GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY!

What if it were that simple? It is when you apply the Attitude and Methodologies NLP has become so famous for. Decide for yourself! Click the link to the side here and get your FREE NLP INFO PAK!

What I believe to be the most important tools of NLP is the ability to control and manage your emotional states. IMAGE THAT? Your life is nothing more than a series of decisions you’ve made to get you to where you are today. What influences your decisions is nothing more than your EMOTIONS! Manage your emotions, control your destiny! You’ll learn to not only control but direct EMPOWERING emotional states such as: Motivation, Confidence, Focus, Energetic, Curiosity, Love and Empowerment. All these powerful states and any more you can think of once you know the simple formula to engage your entire nervous system to comply to your wishes… it’s like MAGIC!

What if you could learn how to control your emotional states so you could feel exactly how you want; confident, motivated, focused, creative, sexy, whatever feeling you want? Cool right? 

How would you like to build instant rapport and communicate to others in such a way they’ll want help and support YOU in everything you do because they feel at a deep intuitive level how much you care about them, when YOU care, THEY care! And you’ll do all this at an unconscious level once you learn NLP’s process for creating instant rapport.

If you’re ready to learn more about NLP and how to get these simple results too, just SIGN UP for your Free NLP Mini-Course, and let’s get started today, OK?

I look forward to seeing you in person at one of our “LIVE” training events, until then…

Table Of Contents

i. Dedication
ii. Forward by Kris Hallbom
iii. Introduction

1. Roadmap To Success
• Success & Failure
• Pain / Pleasure Principle
• Perspective vs Reality

2. What is NLP?
• History of NLP
• Modeling
• Attitudes & Techniques
• NLP Success Formula

3. Introduction to NLP
• The Map is Not the Territory
• Communication Model
• Delete, Distort & Generalization
• Behavior and Results

4. Presuppositions of NLP
• 14 New Beliefs
• Power of Beliefs
• Goal Setting – Creating The Future
• Keys To Achievable Outcomes

5. Sensory Acuity 
• Observing Other People
• Calibration
• Thinking Makes It So
• Lie Detection Skills

6. Rapport
• Mirroring & Matching
• Pacing & Leading
• Mis-Matching
• Getting Free Stuff

7. Representational Systems 
• Representational Characteristics
• Predicates & Predicate Phrases
• Representational System Test
• Eye Accessing Patterns

8. Sub-Modalities 
• Associated vs Disassociated
• Mapping Across
• Like-To-Dislike
• SWISH pattern

9. Anchors and State Management
• Resource Anchors
• Collapsing Anchors
• Change Personal History
• New Behavior Generator

10. Language
• Words vs. Meaning
• Presuppositions of language
• 12 Linguistic Presuppositions Q&A’s
• Presuppositions or Mind Reads
• Chunking
• Reframing

11. Meta-Model 
• Asking the Right Question
• Structure of Ice-bergs
• Specificity vs Ambiguity
• Ten Meta-Model Questions

12. Milton Model 
• Milton Model
• Trance & the Unconscious
• Hypnotic language Patterns
• Ericksonian Therapy

13. Time-Lines
• There Is No Time
• Discovering Your Time-Line
• In-Time vs Through-Time
• Uncovering The Root Cause

14. Values
• Conflicting Incongruence
• Hierarchy of Criteria
• Frames of Reference
• Content Free Filters

15. Strategies
• Working With Strategies
• T.O.T.E. Model
• Reprogramming Strategies – Ellicitation, Utilization and Installation
• Spelling, Deep-Love, Motivation Strategies

16. Your Journey Continues
• Resources to Stay Connected
• NLP Glossary
• Gifts, Products & Offers
• About John and

Peer over John’s shoulder as he shares the stories and strategies that he’s utilized coaching actors, celebrities, sales people, CEO’s, and corporations such as the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. The Teamsters Union, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and as head trainer teaching lie-detection skills to the US Army Counter Intelligence Team post 9/11. John not only has the knowledge and skills, he actually cares about you succeeding. To ensure your success, John’s personal email to get all your important questions answered! After reading this book you’ll have a a wonderful understanding of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

With John giving you specific tasks and exercises you’ll know exactly how to map out your goals, what has held you back in the past, build your personal power and develop unstoppable motivation. You’ll never worry about coming up short or if you’re on the right path again. It’s all written out in an easy to follow format with daily tasks in a step-by-step system so you can now achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Here’s Just Some of Things You’ll Acquire;

* Utilize The NLP Success Formula * Get Clear What Holds You Back * Create An Easy & Definitive Action Plan * Empower Yourself With Higher Self-Esteem * Compel Yourself To Take Daily Action * Remove Any Limiting Beliefs * Task Yourself Daily With Success

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What The Experts Are Saying: Your unique and unparalleled efforts to customize Neuro Linguistic Programming training for military applications has significantly contributed to the overall high state of readiness of US Army Special Operations Command’s Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence elements. Your specialized training reflects a great credit upon your organization.”
–  Chief Alan Gruel, US Army Special Operations Command