Do You Have Emotional Control?

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Last night I sat down in front of my new 75’ Samsung HD
massive TV and watched one of my favorite programs –
The Opening Olympic Games, BAMM!!!

I sat there STUNNED as three of the first four ice skaters lost control on their QUAD jumps, TWICE! That’s NOT hitting 2 of their required elements in their routine.

Then after those major mistakes, they have to continue to KILL IT though-out the rest of the routine.
You better be STRONG, You better be EXPERIENCED, You better be IN CONTROL!

As I’ve always had said: “Either YOU control your emotions, or your emotions control YOU!
In THIS situation there is no ALMOST. You NAIL IT or go home empty!

This is real life folks. No trophy for participation. No second best, It’s GOLD OR NOTHING!
One of the instructors just asked: “What happens when you’re weak.. YOU DIE!”

URG… the pressure! Some have waited and practiced their entire lives for THIS moment, and to blow it must be emotionally devastating. It’s ALL NERVES, period!

They’ve all done their routines PERFECT a thousand times, but what separates the GOLD from those going home empty is can you pull it off WHEN you need to perform… under pressure?

If you’ve ever competed or performed anywhere in public you understand the pressure it takes.
But throughout our lives, in situations like this, we’ve been taught HOW TO perform flawlessly, perfectly, BEAUTIFULLY, but NEVER taught how to control the emotions which get in our way of doing our lives…  in our careers and especially in our relationships!  Remember…  the harder you fall, the stronger you rise!

God Bless, Be Your Best Today!
To your success, John

And please let me know how you’re doing. I’d love your feedback.
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