How To Change Your Negative Self-Talk!

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How to Quickly Reprogram Your Negative Beliefs…  and Forever!

Have you ever found yourself  talking to yourself? Of course, we all talk to ourselves.
These verbal dialogues you have are representations of your mental maps, view of the world,  or from an early age how you’ve constructed your reality. Think about them this way; they can be an exchange of information between the conscious and UN-conscious mind. It’s a way we analyze, discuss and behave in the world we live in.Your self-talk can be positive or negative. Examples:  “Why do I always make bad choices?” or “I always give great advice.” 

In NLP we say ‘this is our programming,’  it’s what we’ve LEARNED that worked as children. But when we become older these antiquated programs no longer serve us. We need to UPDATE our mental software.

Our inner dialogue usually SUPPORTS our beliefs, negative or positive that have gotten downloaded onto our mental hard-drives. And, our verbal self-talk can strengthen OR change our beliefs. Because we never operate outside of our constructed beliefs!

Thoughts become behaviors, behaviors become habits and habits become character!

The secret is to catch yourself become you utter your inner self-talk to the outer world.
Change your inner dialogue, change your world!

The idea of this exercise to FRIST become aware of your self-talk that does not support you. SECOND, to take conscious control and alter the inner and outer dialogue.

Here’s how to re-program your beliefs by changing your self-talk:

1 – Evaluate and Analyze all your inner self-talk that happens for just ONE DAY!
Do nothing with it for now, just ask yourself; ‘is this supporting me or hindering me?’
Thats it, a very simple exercise of AWARENESS!

Dr. Phil says: “You cannot change something unless your acknowledge it first!”

This alone may change the way you view your world. It will amaze you at all the garbage our minds filter through.
Garbage In, Garbage Out!

2 – Catch Yourself when saying something out loud, or even to yourself,
and Say OUT-LOUD to yourself “Cancel / Clear” or “Delete” every time you catch yourself engaged in negative self-talk. ( pick the one that works best for you).

When you THINK or SAY something to yourself AND others, it literally reinforces your internal beliefs. Because we look for EVIDENCE to support what we believe.

3 – Replace the negative self-talk “immediately” with something POSITIVE to counter the negative programming. Something that YOU BELIEVE. This is the key, if your UN-conscious mind does not believe it, it wont accept it as something true!

The new self-talk MUST BE stated in the positive and present tense. At first this will seem strange and weird just because its different or opposite of what you believe now. Though if you continue what will begin to happen is the CONSCIOUS mind to CATCH yourself before you utter a negative word or belief and that is the beginning of making a simple change in your behavior.

Just remember; the unconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is REAL and what is IMAGINARY.  And when positive self-talk is coupled with strong emotion the re-programming takes hold much quicker. Change your habits, change your beliefs. Habits are directed by our beliefs!

Here’s list of easy words to begin with:

Try >  replace with “I Will” or “I Wont

But  >  replace with “And”

Problem >  replace with “Challenge”

Enjoy this process, at first it will seem silly especially if your friends catch you talking to yourself  OUT LOUD!   LOL  

Comments?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this works for you.

To Your Success,  John James Santangelo C.Ht.

John James Santangelo PhD

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