I’m a Failure… Are You Too?

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Yes, you heard me right. I’m a failure! Although what most consider failure I consider now just feedback. The number one issue that most individuals deal with on a daily basis than any other challenge in their lives is their self-worth or self-esteem.

HOW we perceive ourselves is the determining factor in HOW much money we’ll make and the career we’ll select, WHO we choose to date and/or marry, to WHAT experiences we’ll engage in. It provides our filters for what we’ll experience in life. So HOW we view failure is essential in determining WHAT we’ll BE, DO and HAVE in life. Can you pretend with me for a moment? What if you could view failure now as part of the feedback you want to accomplish? Would that change your perspective a bit? Would you feel differently? What might you say to yourself now? Wouldn’t you be able to carry on in spite the effects if you KNEW that it’s just another piece of the puzzle? Of course you would. In fact, MOST projects we work on we perceive this way. It’s the ones that take much more of an emotional hold on us that we ALLOW to let us feel bad. It’s all about perception!

Thomas Edison, when inverting the incandescent light bulb attempted 10,000 times before he figured out the exact process to have the filament continually burn without burning out. A reporter sarcastically commented to Edison at 5,000 attempts; “Mr. Edison the world wasn’t meant to lit by electric light, you have failed FIVE THOUSAND TIMES!”

Edison replied; “Son, you don’t’ understand HOW the world works. I haven’t failed 5,000 times I’ve FOUND 5,000 ways that it wouldn’t work.” 

With this brilliant reframe of failure, obviously Edison went on to succeed. He knew the importance of looking at failure as a concept and not as an belief!

Now let’s take this to another level of success. Here’s the real truth! Failure IS just a result! It’s just NOT the one you wanted. It’s an answer to a another question you haven’t asked yet. In NLP one of our Presuppositions (a powerful assumed beliefs) is “There is no failure ONLY feedback!”

My answer for you now is, if you were to change your beliefs and live your life from this day forward with this new belief, do you think you could use feedback as a source of your success now? Could you take what you’ve learned and apply to your project rather than apply it to your self-worth? Could learn to fail faster and move on!

As I say to my students, “don’t believe me, try it on and have it make sense to YOU!”

Now, If you feel like you’re failing, or you feel like you can’t fail frequently or fast enough, leave me a comment here: info@LANLP.comand share your thoughts with us!

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Until we meet,  Success, John

John James Santangelo PhD

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