Is It Focus or Failure?

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Did you watch the Olympic games at all? 
I’m addicted…. even to the Curling! LOL

I believe its all the mental focus you need to get there and then compete at that level. But I’m also sure it has a lot to do with doing what you love, yes?

Check out Shaun White’s comeback after a serious facial injury on the half-pipe just months before qualifying for the 2018 games. (watch video >…/shaun-white-feels-more-alive-a…

…as I’m typing this he clinches the gold medal… BEST IN THE WORLD!

So what in your life are YOU focused on right now? It’s the middle of February and are your New Year goals happening? It’s said that most goals never come to fruition because so many people lose focus after just 30 days.

The trick is to keep the END of the goal, the RESULTS you desire, consistently in mind. It’s FOCUS or FAILURE!

Here are 3 tricks to create more motivation for getting your goals;
1. Cut out pictures and post them around your house/office.
2. Tell someone you can be accountable to daily.
3. Send yourself email or text reminders weekly or daily.

There are two types of MOTIVATION the mind utilizes to succeed. It’s called the TOWARD and AWAY from strategies. We either move AWAY from the pain or move TOWARDS the pleasure of having it.

Once you figure out which one works best for you for each goal, your brain will create the necessary motivation to get what you want.

Example; if you wanted to increase your income by 20% this year what would be more motivating to you; to keep you from struggling to pay the bills (AWAY FROM) or to get you more peace of mind to enjoy your freedom more often (TOWARDS) – COOL HUH?

Learning to use your mind more effectively is the best skill you’ll ever learn to transform your life to the life you want to live!

I’d love to hear your goals and challenges, maybe we can help push each other faster and easier obtaining them. Contact me, I PROMISE I’ll reply.

Until next week… be your very best!
Success, John

And please let me know how you’re doing. I’d love your feedback.

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