Master Practitioner

When: Feb 13th – Mar 21st 2021
Times: 10AM – 6PM / 6 consecutive Sat. and Sundays
Homewood Suites Hotel Agoura Hills CA.
$3995. or  EARLY-BIRD enrollment below.
Or ask about our 2-FOR-1 special offer; $1,995 each.

What’s next for you and your NLP education? Are you truly committed to make a difference… for you, others, and the planet? Begin to use your NLP skills at a much deeper UN-conscious level NOW! Do you remember… learning how do drive a car? Waiting with waton excitement, so excited to finally express your freedom and roam where ever you desired to explore! Do you remember what it was like attending all the classes and passing the test, and having to learn much more after you got the essentials skills “into the muscle?” Do you remember making mistakes and getting feedback from family, friends or even society (police)? Did you use what you learned to become a better driver or did it make you even more advanced in the world you now operate within?

Why Go To The Next Level…

“NLP has untapped potential for treating individual problems… it has metamorphosed into an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology.” ~ TIME magazine

The Master Practitioner certification is an advanced level course in NLP. At this training, students go deeper into the foundation of values, language, and advanced behavioral change techniques, which create profound transformation at the core of the your life which allows you the time to master these techniques to facilitate with others.

Regardless of your line of work, NLP will equip you to make a difference. Businesses can master the intuitive communication styles central to building world-class sales and customer service organizations and lasting business to business partnerships. Consultants can understand how to make the most impact in the role of change agent. Educators can discover the learning styles key to individual accelerated student growth and achievement. Counselors can learn to teach clients the inner workings of the mind body connection to more quickly gain true functional independence.

Richard Bandler’s genius was his ability to model anyone’s successful strategy. He conceptualized NLP in this simple and yet complex affirmation “NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.”

What You’re Going To Learn…

Transformational Language

Quantum Linguistics
Cartesian Coordinates
Symbolic Logic
Deductive Language
Advanced Presuppositions
Presupposition in Therapy
Hierarchy of Ideas
Negotiation Model
Logical Levels of Therapy
Meta Model III
Modal Operators
Linguistic Parts Integration

Evolutionary Change

Parts Integration
Advanced Values Exercises
Organization of Hierarchy
Values Elicitation & Change
Values Alignment-Five Tests
Submodalities Values Shift

NLP Advanced Techniques

Time Scramble
Decision Destroyer
Going Beyond Boundaries
Future Sourcing
De-Identification Pattern
Advanced Submodalities
Compulsion Blow-Out
Basic Allergy Model
The Modeling Process
Family Therapy Model
Perceptual Positioning
Walking Belief Change Model

Meta Programs & Values

The Basic Meta Programs
The Complex Meta Programs
Values-Definitions Sources
Discovering the Direction Filter
Linguistic Markers for Meta Programs
Communication Style Meta Programs

The Benefits You’ll Receive…

Your Masters Practitioner training will benefit you both personally and professionally and here’s how;

  • Improve your career
  • Enrich your relationships
  • Eliminate unwanted beliefs
  • Heighten your awareness
  • Improve your communications skills
  • Move you away from pain and create more pleasure in your life
  • Build rapport at the non-verbal level in ways that improve all relationships
  • Deal with difficult people and resolve conflicts in ways which benefit both
  • Create positive feelings in yourself and others at times they’re needed most
  • Influence and get the responses you truly want from others
  • Increase your flexibility by increasing number of ways to reach your goals
  • Use words which have more impact for you and everyone around you
  • Problems solving skills which give you power to act and gain control
  • Change unwanted behavior in positive ways which increase choice

Why Choose…

1. First and foremost, we bring decades of REAL-WORLD corporate and clinical “in-the-trenches” work experience to your NLP training. Most other trainers have NO real world experience. They get certified and then go on to train others but never USE what they have in a corporate or clinical environment. LANLP offers you the expertise and education from an professional speaker & NLP trainer actually in the speaking business! You’ll learn techniques and exercises that apply to real people in the outside world. John works closely with every student so you get the very best information at a conscious as well as unconscious level.

2. We are The Premier Los Angeles NLP training center, and pride ourselves on being the best!

3. We work around YOUR schedule. Because our program is designed so you get certified over six weekends, taking only the necessary time off to train and learn with us to get your NLP certification.

4. Because you’ll train only on the weekends, it gives you plenty of time to practice and integrate the information in between classes to learn the material at a deeper level. Other students have experienced the short/advanced courses which other companies offer and leave them with no real practical memory or benefits of the traditional pure 12-day, 120-hr program. Because this is how Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed and founded GENUINE NLP, we respect the model they created because it worked! Don’t be fooled by other courses not giving you the traditional 120-hrs of face-to-face time with the trainers. Yes, the CD’s, reading and studying are necessary, but not a substitute for pure hands-on instruction.

5. We also offer you to participate in our outside NLP study groups online; Facebook, Podcasts, and Blog interactions. Graduates discuss, practice and learn even more from one another.

6. We promise you’ll have so much FUN learning NLP you’ll leave saying; “this workshop was the most incredible life changing experiences I’ve ever had!”

* How many NLP Practitioners does it take to change a light bulb? 
Only one, but the light bulb must want to change! (HaHaHa)  Opps, had to do that!

Investment For Results…

This Feb 13th – Mar 21st 2021 for 12-days/6 consecutive weekends we’re presenting YOU an opportunity to take your life to the next level. We guarantee once you know HOW and WHY you do what you do, influence and control your emotions and state-of-mind to manifest anything you’ve ever wanted. Move towards a compelling future. Come join us; (818) 879-2000

This year come produce massive results for yourself!
12 days / 6 consecutive weekends – 120 hours of Genuine NLP
Register Early And Save Up To $1,995.   (Discounts Expire Monthly)

• Your NEW ‘low cost’ investment is only $3,995 for our full NLP certification training.
• The certification fee, testing and your graduation certificate is INCLUDED in your tuition

• HUGE discount of $1,000 USD off your $3,995. enrollment fee. 
• If you bring a friend or spouse you’ll get our 2-for-1 special = $1,995 each.
• Additional 10% discount, just show us your graduation certificate from another NLP company.
• Please call us to find out how to qualify for additional discounts. (818) 879-2000

OUR GUARANTEE:   (If at anytime up until the END OF THE FIRST WEEKEND you’re not happy for any reason with your decision, we’ll return your full investment, (minus our admin fee’s.) You have 2 full days to confirm the decision you made to purchase the 12 day with us. (If you dont say anything after the first weekend / the second day, you’re saying you fully comply with our certification standards and have decided to allow your full payment to be processed and will remain for the entire course, or decide how much time you want to spend from then on, but the full amount will have been processed and after the first weekend, no refunds are available.  Or, you may apply the amount to our next available training course! The decision is up to you AFTER you acknowledge you are allowing LANLP Seminars to charge your card the full amount.)  Please submit request here: Refund Request Form to our Enrollment Department.
Refunds are processed within 2 weeks after the training course you enrolled in is completed!  
 Please Read Our Success Disclaimer & Policy Notice Here!

Bonuses You’ll Receive…

Bonuses NO OTHER NLP training company can give you… this alone is worth the price of your investment.

“SPECIAL” – YOU WONT FIND THIS ANYWHERE: a 2-for-1 ticket. NOW $1,995 EACH.

Bonus #1 – Attend for FREE forever once you graduate. (NO other company offers this!)

Bonus #2 – UNLIMITED support from John himself. (NO company would dare give you this! )

Bonus #3 – Enroll early and get our entire NLP MP3 training to study with. (30 days prior.)

Bonus #4 – “NLP introduction” Live MP3 – listen before class to familiarize yourself. 

Bonus #5 – John’s Famous eBook Setting Goals – Your step-by-step process to GET CLEAR!

Bonus #6 – Special Hotel Rates for students; Homewood Suites Agoura Hills

Your Trainer & Coach…


John James Santangelo PhD –
John is a nationally acclaimed speaker, author and success coach and has been a guiding force in empowering individuals and businesses so they too can produce RESULTS! peak performance. He’s an authority on success principles and an expert in communication skills, an NLP master trainer and clinical hypnotherapist. As a trainer John has what you need; the knowledge, experience and expertise working with companies such as Learning Annex, CSUN-Northridge University, Mary Kay Inc, Century-21 Realtors, Well Point, Make-A-Wish Spokesperson, Multiple-Sclerosis Society, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept., RYLA, Xerox, RE/MAX Realtors, the Teamsters Union, and the US Army counter-intelligence team post 9/11. Google John James Santangelo and discover yourself you’re in good hands!

Recommend reading before your training . . .

  1. Discovering NLP – Introduction to Basic Principles of NLP
  2. Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Joseph O’Conner

If you’re familiar with NLP, these are great resource books:

  1. NLP – New Technology Of Achievement – Steve Andreas
  2. Setting Goals – Worksheets, Theory & SMART Goals – John’s NEW Kindle book

What’s holding you back this time? Make the decision. Make the most of this years opportunity and join a group of people whose dreams are so compelling, like yours, to learn what NLP can do for them also. Our NLP training is the perfect place for you to begin… Call Me,  John (818) 879-2000

Homewood Suites Hotel
in Agoura Hills CA.