NLP Five-Step Sales Process

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There is no such thing as selling… people must BUY from you when creating a monetary transaction. Buying is simply put, a decision making process. And it is based solely upon HOW we feel at the moment of that decision. People DO NOT buy products or services, they buy FEELINGS! Period! How they feel about the product or service is the determining factor in what they DECIDE to buy. Therefore, if you, as the salesperson cannot create an atmosphere of trust and likeability you are guaranteed the prospect will not buy from YOU!

“People buy emotionally and then justify their decision logically!” The challenge with most sales books and programs is that they try to teach you to persuade an individual they need your product or service. But the successful salespeople of today’s new paradigm of selling understand that’s it’s to help people decide how you can fulfill THEIR buying strategy. The idea is to help guide and influence them to DECIDE your product is the one that fills their wants and needs.

Individuals BUY because of only 3 reasons;

1. They can communicate their needs, they’re listened to!

2. They LIKE you, thus Trust you.

3. They FEEL good about you, your product and most importantly themselves.


Here is the NLP Five-Step Sales Process modeled after highly successful sales individuals:

1. Establish Rapport

– Energy = (Set your confidence anchors)

– Likeability = Trust

– Create Rapport

2. Ask Questions

– Shows interest / (Set reassurance anchors)

– Focuses attention / intention (use directional language)

– Gathers information

3. Find “Need & Value”

– Uncover needs (Meta-Model Questions)

– Agreement frames ( “I agree. I respect, I appreciate.”)

– Bridge understanding ( parrot back or Reframes) 

4. Link “Need” To Product

– Hypnotic language

– Conditional close ( “What if… Imagine… Because… )

– Fire off anchors of Trust

5. ASK For The Sale

– Language ( “How can we… ?” )

– If no, return to #3

– Future pace package / Fire off Trust anchors

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