Relationship Success Strategies!

Are you looking for the “right” relationshipthe perfect spouse or partner,
the ideal mate who fulfills all your desires so you can live Happily Ever After?

It does exist… just not for most people!
Because there are RULES you must follow when shopping for a potential mate.

Consider this metaphor –
Most people date like they go grocery shopping they’re Hungry, Tired and Frustrated, and
without a GROCERY LIST, you’ll pick the first things that satisfies you. 
And we all know what that leads too!

Wouldn’t you like to discover WHAT drives you, WHERE you belong inside a relationship,
and WHO you truly NEED to become so you can ATTRACT the right person?

After learning all this, now you can because your success is simply based upon one thing:

If you’ve ever wondered what It’d be like to finally understand yourself and the opposite sex, 
you’ll want to come and discover the simple RULES OF ENGAGEMENT!

This 4Hr workshop will give you all you need to finally GET WHAT YOUR HEART DESIRES;

– Define Your Values & What Most Important To You
– Clearly Identify Which Man Is Best For Your Personality
– Uncover Your ‘Deep-Love’ Strategy For Staying In Love
– Remove Emotional Road-Blocks That Hold You Back
– Discover Limiting Beliefs Which Keep You Stuck
– And So Much More!

Come join a group of committed women to discover their true potential and enjoy a day of
FUN and LAUGHTER when you find who you are, what you need and why this works! 

(Men welcome too… to sit in the back of the room! ;- )

Seats Are Limited to 25 woman so please register early!
$27 Online, and $47 at the Door.
Sunday Oct 16th 10AM – 2PM
930 AM Registration – Lunch Also Served.
Westlake Village Location.
(once you enroll you get the location)

3C’s To The Perfect Relationship!

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