Setting Goals is a MUST… Agree?

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Ok, it’s the end of 2019…. what have you accomplished?  Now is the best time to get going on setting goals for the things you want to be, do and have! It seems this one day comes around too quickly doesn’t it? For most it’s a time to be cherished and for others it’s a time to be despised; they beat themselves up for not doing or getting the things they really want from life!  Sound a little familiar? It’s because we’ve all done this at one time or another.

Do you know the main reason why most people never obtain they’re goals;  they never really know HOW TO properly set goals and they don’t understand the principles of GETTING your goals. I’m going to touch on just these two key factors in this article, although in my Amazon book “Setting Goals – Quick & Easy Worksheet, Theory and SMART Goals!” you’ll find more in depth explanations and homework to really dig deep and get moving.

There are only 3 factors you need to focus upon when getting what you want. And BTW, these are the exact same factors EVERYONE goes through to get anything we set our mind upon; from brushing your teeth, going to the grocery store, to launching a new career, it’s all the same strategy. We inherently: #1 – Get Clear, #2 – Get a Plan, #3 – Get Motivated. That’s it!  Think about it. When-ever you want something you get a REAL CLEAR picture and sense of what it will give you. You devise up some type of plan to go after it, and then you drum up the courage and motivation to GO GET IT! Yes? Seriously, think about this simple act of doing anything in your life and apply these things factors to it. We all do this!

Now, here’s comes the challenge. When it comes to SIMPLE things you want such as clean teeth, filling your stomach, or enjoying the satisfaction of a sporting event, we move towards these goals with effortless abandonment. WE DONT WORRY about the feeling of that come-along with getting them. But when it comes to the bigger things; asking someone out, getting physically fit, or trying a big ticket item; car or a home, we lose or minds! There are all these negative feelings that come along with them, right?

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Understand that they arise on the little things too but we don’t give them much juice! It’s this ONE THING that holds most people back from getting everything they want. They can’t control the negative states of mind that arise and they don’t know how to over-come them when they do, make sense? Go to Amazon to BUY the book on “Setting Goals – Quick & Easy Worksheet, Theory and SMART Goals!”

So with this new found knowledge of the PROCESS of what your mind goes through you can now learn to control your feelings and make them work for you now! To do this just get enough emotional leverage upon yourself; ask “WHY do I want this and want will this give me? “ The more reasons WHY and the bigger reasons they will give you will push you over the edge to move towards it. Try it I dare you, you’re already do this process anyway. Now make it work FOR YOU! Email me if you have any questions, I’m here to help!  Get SETTING GOALS on Amazon here!   

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