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john james santangelo

john james santangelo

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my site. I know you’re going to find all the information an empowering resource to help guide you in getting all that you want, and maybe make a decision to train with us. Know this, information is not power, it is only potential power. When you decide to train with us, you’ll get one of the best NLP experiences in the NLP community.

Perhaps like you, I’ve struggled and faced frustration trying to get ahead and create success. I’ve done all the affirmations and self-development programs that were supposed to be life changing except the only thing that was life changing was the time that I was spending learning the WHAT to do but never HOW to do it.

I finally had enough – I went on a mission to discover how truly successful individuals were manifesting success in their lives. I knew there had to be some sort of secret, set of techniques or rules by which they did their lives. It seemed so easy for them to produce the results they wanted, and consistently!

You see as a child, I was taught what I believed was a great theory: “Get an education, work hard, and all your dreams will come true.” The problem was that I never really defined what my dreams were, how about you? Question… have you ever done something because you thought you were supposed to – even though you knew you didn’t want to do it? That’s why I went to college! That’s also why I dropped out. I went to work at age 19 to earn a living, and though it wasn’t much of a living, it was what I thought I was supposed to do. But after many years of just earning a living, I decided to start creating a life!

I began what I called MY QUEST, to discover what it takes to become truly successful ( for ME) and to find a passion in my life. Ten years and many possibilities later, I knew what I loved most was teaching and entertaining. But what could I possibly do where people would listen to what I had to say? Well, at age 15,
I was performing as a professional magician. Then I went on to become a personal trainer and fitness consultant, managing numerous clubs in the health and fitness Industry. I became a volunteer “Big Brother” and now volunteer my time as a spokesperson for the Make-A-Wish foundation. I graduated from college with honors. I received an award for excellence in communication from Toastmasters International, I was named one of the top clinical hypnotherapist graduates from the Hypnosis Motivational Institute, I became a certified NLP Master Trainer, worked as head-trainer to one the best NLP leadership companies in the United States. then the U.S. Army called me to train the Counter-Intelligence team in lie-detection for anti terrorisom  after Sept, 11th…  and getting many more certifications, I am continually studying, learning, and improving my expertise in the area of behavioral psychology.

It was like MAGIC… everything started to fall into place because I GOT CLEAR and TOOK ACTION. I wrote my first book, which explores how to ask the right questions of ourselves to produce outstanding results and I went on to write another on successful NLP business strategies. Just finished my 3rd on SETTING GOALS for the Kindle store. If you’d like a sample copy of; Setting Goals – Quick & Easy Worksheet, Theory and SMART Goals…  email me here!

I’m now finishing my fourth book called “Discovering NLP” This book will be a culmination of everything Iv’e learned about success and getting out of our own way… Im very excited about the potential of this book and what it can do for the individuals willing to step out of their comfort zone and create massive success for themselves!

We all have awesome innate abilities, and the resources to succeed. We all have excellence within us. I frequently remind my students and clients of the statement made by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!” Come join us and discover how to take the first step toward fulfilling your dreams and achieving your goals.

LANLP Training Seminars provides you with the tools and the understanding you need to become truly successful in all areas of your life; your relationships, career, personal and financial. success is simplly about two things; KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT and GETTING OUT OF YOUR WON WAY! Wouldn’t you agree? Because we are an interactive seminar company, we believe that we learn best when we see, feel and hear information using all of our intellectual modalities to reinforce the learning. Unlike other seminars, we encourage each and every participant to become a player, not just a spectator! You’ll work hand in hand with John AND other students in class to drive your new skills deeper into your muscle-memory.  Isn’t this how you learned to drive, by DOING! Let me send you our Free NLP Info Packet – GO HERE!

John James Santangelo, C.Ht. – a nationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, author and performance coach who’s been a guiding force in empowering individuals, businesses, and corporations to excel and achieve peak performance. I’m also a foremost authority on success strategies, an expert in the field of communication, a behavioral specialist, an NLP trainer, and a clinical hypnotherapist. I’ve had the privilege of working with and training under the VERY BEST; Christopher Howard (as one of his head trainers), Robert Dilts at NLP University, Richard Bandler and Associates, Tim & Kris Hallbom, The Tad James Company, the Anthony Robbins Companies, Gary De Rodriguez seminars, and many others who’ve honed my professional skills to help train and guide YOU to become the very best you can become! With all I’ve learned I went on and founded Maximum Success Empowerment Seminars, a personal & professional coaching and NLP training program company, dedicated to teaching people how to unleash their natural ability, maximize their potential and produce outstanding results.

My mission: to educate & entertain with integrity the many committed individuals in order to better our world. God’s blessed us with the gift of life and with that comes a responsibility to yourself and all you touch.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact my office and let’s begin a journey working together and helping others and most importantly yourself improve the quality of your life!

To Your Success,  John James Santangelo C.Ht.