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How To Change Your Negative Self-Talk!

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How to Quickly Reprogram Your Negative Beliefs…  and Forever!

Have you ever found yourself  talking to yourself? Of course, we all talk to ourselves.
These verbal dialogues you have are representations of your mental maps, view of the world,  or from an early age how you’ve constructed your reality. Think about them this way; they can be an exchange of information between the conscious and UN-conscious mind. It’s a way we analyze, discuss and behave in the world we live in. Read More

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3 Qualities Of A Great Coach!

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Have you been watching the Rio Olympics this last week? Doesn’t it inspire you to go for your goals? Wouldn’t you want to take your life to the next level?  Here are 3 qualities Olympic athletes look for in a great coach. And if you’re looking for your own Gold medal in business, relationships and your health, keep these in mind looking for your coach ! 

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