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Top 10 NLP trainers in the industry… here is a list I’ve compiled over the last couple months of research. Just know that there are many great NLP instructors and training organizations (like mine) around the world. I’ve constructed this list based upon only two criteria; founders / developers, and length of time/history in the business. What I’ve written below is my interpretation of being involved in this technology and attending classes from many of these amazing individuals over the last two decades. Each position has with it their original participation, their specialized niche and all their business contact information. I would love your feedback and any comments. Especially if you’re ON this list!

1. Richard Bandler  – Co founder

Richard after many years teaching DHE and Charisma training has returned to his roots facilitating practitioner and master practitioner course again. Both himself and John La Valle have their training location out of Orlando, Florida.
Website – /
Phone – (973) 770-3600

2. John Grinder – Co founder

American linguist professor, author, management consultant, NLP trainer and speaker. He is co-director of Quantum Leap Inc., a management consulting firm founded by his partner Carmen Bostic St. Clair in 1987
Website –
Phone –  020 8686 9952

3. Robert Dilts –  Co developer & NLP trainer

An author, NLP trainer and corporate consultant. He’s made many contributions to the field of NLP including the “Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP.” NLP Volume 1, Dynamic Learning, Beliefs: Pathways to Health & Healing, He is best known for his work on beliefs and strategies. Robert began his NLP training company on the campus of Santa Cruz where it all began.
Website –
Phone –  (831) 336-3457

4. Judith DeLozier – Co developer & NLP trainer

A co-author of NLP Vol. I (1980), with Robert Dilts, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Judith was involved from the beginning in the creation of the fundamental NLP technique of Reframing. Married once to John Grinder, friends with Gregory Bateson, and a student of Milton Erickson. Judith modeled his tracking strategy for creating and utilizing trance states and metaphors. AMAZING women (personal experience!) She cares about others, and it shows.
Website –
Phone –  (831) 336-3457

5. Steve & Connirae Andreas – Co developer & NLP trainers

Steve and Connirae Andreas worked alongside Richard and John from the on-set, transcribing their workshops. Then to establish one the largest NLP organizations; NLP of Colorado, now known as NLP Comprehensive. They have written many books, audio programs and developed original NLP techniques widely used today.
Website –
Phone –  (800) 767- 6756

6. Tim & Kris Hallbom – original students

Tim & Kris have developed numerous NLP methods, including methods for helping people such as the WealthyMind Seminars and Dynamic Spin Release workshops. Tim co-founded the Anchor Point NLP Training Institute in 1985 in Salt Lake City, Utah, with Suzi Smith. In 1999, he moved to the San Francisco Bay area with Kris to start up the NLP and Coaching Institute of California. Together they create the best team in the NLP industry!
Website –
Phone –  (800) 767- 6756

7. Tad James – original student & NLP trainer

Tad James, M.S., Ph.D. was the 2nd individual to be certified a master trainer (NLP) after working with Richard and John. He is the author of 7 books including the widely used; Time Line Therapy® and the Basis of Personality. He founded the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, and American Board of Hypnotherapy.
Website –
Phone –  (888)  440-4823

8. Paul McKenna – Hypnotherapist and TV host

Paul has written and produced books, products, hosted self-improvement television shows and seminars in hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, weight loss, motivation and the Zen meditation. Author of the famous books:
I Can Make You Thin
&  I Can Make You Rich.
Website –
Phone –  (800) 767- 6756

9. Michael Hall – developer of Meta-States & NLP trainer

Dr. Hall studied with Richard Bandler and wrote two books for him as well as writing two other about Bandler, The Spirit of NLP and Becoming More Ferocious as a Presenter. A cognitive-behavioral psychologist who created the field of Neuro-Semantics from his work in the cognitive sciences, General Semantics, NLP. Neuro-Semantics is said to take NLP to a higher level focusing on the synergy of meaning and performance.
Website –
Phone –  (800) 767- 6756

10. John James Santangelo – student & life learner!

Oh, and then there’s ME! Working with such amazing instructors as Robert Dilts,, Judith DeLozier, Tim & Kris Hallbom, Suzi Smith, Tad James, David Gordon, Chris Howard, Tony Robbins, Shelle-Rose Charvet, Patrick E. Merlevede/Carl Harshman. After learning the from THE BEST in the industry and fundamentals of change, I went on to start-up the largest NLP training organization in the Los Angeles area.
Website –  /
Phone –  (818) 879-2000

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