What Happy, Successful People Know About Life!

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What do children know that we adults have forgotten?  Life Is Fun!

One of the most important lesson I’ve learned from working with thousands of individuals in my career is that happy, successful, optimistic people completely understand we will all experience good AND bad times, that we will all have sad days and happy days and that nothing in life is permanent. Our success and happiness depends on our ability to ride these waves of emotional change with self-assurance.

Happy, successful, optimistic people are not exempt from the trials and tribulations of life. In fact, some of the happiest, most successful and optimistic people have had to overcome unbelievably difficult circumstances to get to where they are today. But what they all have in common is their uncanny ability to shift their focus to what’s most important, they don’t let these difficult times steal their most precious resource; TIME!

They allow themselves to temporarily step away from those moments that are bringing them down or are causing them pain and immediately begin to focus on aspects of their live that bring them the most joy and excitement. They don’t take for granted the things that life has given them rather than understand there are times highs and lows that comes with living a fruitful life. They look at life’s so called ‘failures’ as just feedback to their ultimate journey.  

They find the some joy in the tough times and know that no matter how bad it seems this too shall pass.

This is not to say they just put on blinders and ignore that they are going through, they instinctively know when to shift their thinking to something that will put them on a more productive thought process. WE ALL HAVE THIS POWER, the power of FOCUS!

Being able to shift your focus to what IS important to you in life is the single greatest habit that can have a tremendous impact on your life. Why? Because it answers the question life continues to ask of us; Now what?

When you are able to temporarily step outside of yourself away from these challenging experiences and focus your attention to the thing that gives you pleasure, you’re replenishing your spirit and reminding yourself life is a miracle! You’re recharging your battery with the emotional energy needed to continue in the face of all adversity.

Here’s is a simple 3 step-process of how to overcome any challenge;

  1. FOCUS – what are you paying attention to, what’s not working OR what is working?
  2. MEANING – what meaning do you give to this challenge? If it’s not serving you change the meaning. Everything is our life that we are paying attention to HAS TO have a meaning attached to it, and we are the one that give it meaning!
  3. ACTION – what action do you take regarding this meaning? Each and every meaning we place upon an event gives us the a so-called outcome. In that moment we DECIDE what is the most appropriate action this situation requires, BUT it’s usually not the best behavior needed when we are in a negative state. We tend to make our decisions based upon the emotional states we are in when making the decision.

MOST IMPORTANT – change your emotional states, you can change your life!               

You can’t stop life from throwing stuff at you. You can’t stop the unexpected from interfering with your goals and dreams. But you can choose how to respond. You can always choose to shift to a healthier state of mind when unwanted things happen. People who are happy, successful and optimistic know that, no matter what happens, life still goes on and they can choose to focus on things that empower them. They refuse to give up their right to enjoy life. And so can you!

A shift in focus, even if for a moment, can have a profound effect on how you view the situation and help you understand every challenge as an opportunity that comes along with it. In other words, you cannot know true joy until you’ve experienced some agony. You can’t know pleasure until you’ve felt pain.  It’s the Yin/Yang theory in life.

We all must experience both ends of the emotional spectrum to fully appreciate what life has to offer. The ability to shift your focus is probably the single greatest life skill we can have to fully experience life!  And with any skill the more you practice the easier and better you will get at it. It just could be the key to creating a happy life for yourself.

So practice this new found skill, take a moment in the midst of the chaos and decide what you DO want to focus on, then take the appropriate action that will get you there. Simple and challenging at the same time, yes?  

So instead of cursing what you are lacking, choose to bless the things that you have. Remember, you can ALWAYS find the joy even during the tough times. This is what happy, successful, optimistic people truly know!

And please let me know how you’re doing. I’d love your feedback.
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