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This can be a complex question, so let me begin by asking you one first. 

What do you know, what have you heard or think NLP is?
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I’m sure if this is your first read about it you’ve probably heard about it through either; a sales training, communication class, seminar leader/speaker, or even Tony Robbins. And I know you’re really curious about what it can do for you, am I right? And I’m going to assume because you’re reading this book, you had to discover for yourself what all the talk is about.   

For me, I was fascinated by the works of Tony Robbins all the way back in 1987. (Yes, decades ago.) I wanted to learn the ‘processes, methods and especially the ‘attitude’ that he knew. So I went on a quest to discover what this technology was all about.

The “WHY” people come to NLP are many; wanting to clear up emotional issues, become better sales people, wanting to achieve their goals, take their life to a much higher level, or simply learn to get out of their own way. What-ever the reason you’re here I promise you if you stay committed and do some if not all of the exercises I give you you’ll find your life could possibly never remain the same, moving fast forward at light speed. You’ll find yourself more emotionally in-control, the ability to make better decisions and discover a clear path to obtaining the things in life that bring you the most pleasure. All because of this simple book.

So what’s this amazing discovery? Well, here’s some definitions you may have heard or found on the web.

NLP- an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.
Richard Bandler

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behavior (programming). Robert Dilts

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the practical science of detecting, evolving and using the conscious and unconscious thinking and behavioral patterns that we are constantly experiencing. Tim Hallbom

What does NLP stand for? Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it simply means;

Neuro – we have a mind-body system that we can program, and has been programmed, much in the way we can program and re-program computer software. This mind-body system, or our neurology, is made up of our nervous system(s) that enable us to breathe, eat, think, live and function on a daily basis.

 Linguistics – is the manner in which we communicate to ourselves and other people. It would be the symbols, verbal and non-verbal systems that we use to operate our neurology.
When you combine the mind-body together; the linguistics of our neurology, we now have a spectacular human bio-electrical computer. And the best part about it is it’s completely programmable.

Programming – the programs or strategies, or as I like to call them; recipes we run to consistently produce our results through-out the day. Think of some of these programs as hard-wired into our system from birth, and the others we have the ability to program and re-program what we would call our software, which is our neurology.

Think of it this way. What if you have an antiquated software program on your computer, what do we have to do every so often, update the program right? The same holds true for the software of our minds. The majority of our programs are usually downloaded unto our little hard-drives by the time we’re 8-10 years. 85% of our attitudes and personality have been instilled in us by the time we reach 2nd grade, 95% by the age of 18-21. So you are who you are when you graduate high school. After that most of us stop learning to become more. But if this was your computer, you’d never be able to keep up within our digital world.

People arrive at NLP with many different goals in mind. Most of them are some sort of change; to better their lives or eliminate something that is holding them back in life. It may be some kind of fear or phobia, a bad habit, or a past event that troubles them. On the flip-side of this coin, what if you already have a great strategy let’s say for learning, developing relationships, staying fit & healthy or creating financial abundance for yourself and others, wouldn’t this be something you’d like to enhance, replicate or be able to teach others?  And by the time you’re finished reading this book and practicing your new skills, you’ll be able to;

1. Read and interpret verbal & non-verbal information accurately.

2. Notice how people process their internal world.

3. Why people behave in the ways that they do.

4. How to quickly and easily obtain Rapport and gain trust.

5. How to elicit someone’s values and beliefs.

6. Change emotional states of mind using anchors.

7. Read and pick up deceitful information.

8. Use the sound of your voice to influence and persuade others.

9. Learn to listen more efficiently to the ‘language’ of others.

10. You’ll learn how to become a master communicator!

NLP allows us the opportunity to CHANGE or ENHANCE or even ADD programs into our neurology. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to simply alter the way you do things to produce a different result, a result that’s more pleasurable and the one you want?  OK, are you with me on all this?   

In the past, the ability to CHANGE or ENHANCE has always been a source of frustration for most people. Mainly because our mind/body operates from what we call the PAIN / PLEASURE principle. The unconscious mind, which runs 90% of what we do, is consistently looking out for what can harm the body. So with that as the prime directive we’re more conditioned to MOVE AWAY from situations that may provide pain, rather than move us TOWARDS them to obtain pleasure or reward.

NLP is a MODEL of human functioning and it takes a very different attitude from the traditional psychologies of the past. In NLP, we don’t start from the assumption that people are broken and need to be fixed. Instead, with the attitude of NLP we assume the opposite is true, that people work perfectly well, they have all the resources they need to succeed, and that the only problem isn’t with them, but with their programming. Can you see this? Does this make sense? You feel me?  AND… Get your Free NLP Mini-Course also…  LANLP.com/free  

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