Do you need a little bit more support, motivation… that egde?
Have you been thinking about taking your life to the next level? 
Would you ever consider working with a professional Results Coach?

The biggest challenge for most individuals face in creating success in their business or personal lives is they’re not specifically clear about their goals and the direction to begin. So as your success coach we’ll begin by simply helping you define exactly what “it” is, support you in this new direction, along the path, and most importantly, teach you strategies to motivate yourself on a consistent basis till you get them!

If you’re NOT getting what you want on your own, consider working once a week or month with a success coach. I can help empower you to take action more consistently to produce the results you want. The simplest answer for results is… I work with you as your performance coach until WE get the results YOU want!

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Learning to take full responsibility of your behavior and making the best decisions possible is the real secret to an exceptional personal and professional life. What if together, we could easily define what you desire at this point in your life, and effortlessly move you to take consistent action everyday to achieve it? Would our relationship be worth your investment? Intrigued? Call my personal office number (818) 879-2000 and let’s find out this is something that will work for you!

Free Introductory 30 Minute Consultation

We’ll work together to achieve:
1) greater wealth

2) improved health
3) loving relationships
4) a better job or career
5) a happier marriage
6) greater satisfaction in all you do

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What is Results Coaching?

Coaching is one of the fastest growing new professions. What is the appeal? Recent issues of Newsweek, Money Magazine and the Wall Street Journal urge professionals to avail themselves of the services of a personal coach – why? Dedicated athletes use coaches to increase their focus and to provide support, structure, and ongoing accountability to prepare them for competition. Organizations and individuals more and more are now hiring and working with results coaches because they are interested in doing their very best. As humans we have a deep need to grow and develop, and to actualize our potential to it’s fullest. Being and doing our very best!

The Personal and Professional Coaches Association defines coaching as “an ongoing relationship, which focuses on clients taking action toward the realization of their vision, goals or desires. Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build the clients level of awareness and responsibility, and provides the client with structure, support and feedback.” How is that different from existing professions? Like counseling, it is client centered and individual. Like consulting, it is outcome oriented, dealing in visions and actions. The major difference between masterful training, counseling, therapy, consulting or mentoring and masterful coaching can be described quite simply. The coach does not have answers. The coach does not provide expertise. A coach operates from the presupposition that the client (player) has all the resources, including the ability to discover and utilize resources. Want to get your goals even quicker, get my new Kindle book; Setting Goals, Quick & Easy Worksheet, Therory and SMART Goals.

 What’s Been Holding You Back…

Can you answer this; can you describe what specially you want in your life right now? Are you clear about it? Would a 7 year old be able to comprehend it? Do you take action on a daily basis to achieve it? This is specifically what our Personal and Professional Success Coaching gives you, the ability to empower yourself on an on-going basis to ACT, the ability to consistently take daily action! In developing a partnership as your Success Coach I personally work with you to clarify your goals, expand your creativity, create more flexibility, and quickly move you towards your outcomes. We can work together weekly, monthly or as often as you like to make your future so compelling, it will actually feel as if it’s drawing you towards it. You MUST reprogram your old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs to produce the results you desire. 

Initial Call – Complementary Introductory 30 minute Call.
The purpose is to establish the compatibility of our partnership.
I will follow up via email with an invitation to work together.

Private 1 on 1 / Phone Coaching
Weekly 30 min. or Bi-weekly 60 min. calls, your choice.
3 Session minimum.
$150 per session – Quantity sessions discount.

Terms & Conditions:
Availability: When John’s schedules permits. Usually Monday-Friday.
Payment Policy: Check or monthly charge to your credit card.
Cancellation Policy: 24hr. period required to reschedule or you will be charged the full amount of the session.

We are very selective at whom we work with. You must be committed to “do whatever it takes to succeed.”
Our tele-coaching investment is as follows; $150 per hour, 3 session minimum (at your discretion). 

 Goal Setting, The First Step…

One of the greatest investments you’ll make in your lifetime will be in yourself. The challenge is we’re often too busy or too distracted to focus on who we really want to become. So we often overlook ourselves and sacrifice goals and dreams until we realize “time flies by so quickly.” If you’re like most people you do have dreams but never put them down on paper in detail, making them a reality. Many studies have concluded that writing down your goals, manifests them 15 times sooner than just thinking about them occasionally. It would be like chartering a plane for a vacation without a destination, why would you settle taking the most important journey in life without first deciding your where you want to go!

Three essential steps of goal setting;

1 – Define who and where you are!
2 – Design clear goals and a plan for it’s achievement!
3 – Determine to empower yourself everyday to action!

As an expert in behavioral change, we’ll create a whole new path for your life to travel upon, and the road to success is a whole lot smoother having a map and a guide to make your journey much more FUN!  CONTACT ME TODAY FOR YOUR FREE SESSION!