NLP Coaching

  • Do you need a little bit more support, motivation… that edge?
  • Have you been wanting to take your life to the next level?
  • Would you consider working with me as your Results Coach?

From working with thousands of individuals to small & large companies such as Xerox, Mary Key, Sheriffs Dept. Make-A-Wish, and the U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence Team, to brag a bit… I can bet the biggest challenge you have in getting what you want in business or your personal life is;  you’re NOT specifically clear about WHAT you really want/need, and/or you don’t KNOW whats holding you back so you can take the correct actions… Am I right?

Though its not your fault… sort of. It’s only because you’re working against your natural instincts of your brain and body working together to protect you. If its something NEW and its OUTSIDE of your comfort zone, its considered PAIN! And the subconscious mind moves you AWAY from pain. As we say in NLP, you’ll do more to AVOID pain than GAIN pleasure – period! This is the only reason we dont go after what we really want in life!

So as your ‘NLP results coach we’ll begin by simply helping you define exactly what “it” is, simply create a plan that works for YOU, and then support you in this new direction… most importantly; teach you strategies so you can motivate yourself on a more consistent basis so you can GET THERE!

If you’re NOT getting what you want on your own, consider working with me as your NLP results coach. I will become your biggest supporter in helping you define EXACTLY what you want and EMPOWER you to take action so you’ll begin to develop new habits of consistently.  This is what you need, Yes?  Clarity, Direction & Support! 

NLP results coaching

.Free 30 Minute Session

Here’s what’s possible:
1. greater wealth
2. improved health
3. loving relationships
4. a better job or career
6. a happier marriage
7. greater satisfaction in all you do


Go For It…  3 Session Minimum / $150.00 EACH – PURCHASE HERE

The First Step… Get Goals!

One of the greatest investments you’ll make in your lifetime will be in yourself. The challenge is we’re often too busy or distracted to focus on who we really want to become. So we often overlook ourselves and sacrifice our goals and dreams until we realize “time flies by so quickly. If you’re like most people you do have dreams but never put them down on paper in detail, making them a reality. Studies prove that writing down your goals, manifests them 15 times sooner than just thinking about them occasionally.

The Second Step… Make Plans!

You cant get there if you DO NOT know where you want to end up. I ask all my clients this simple question: “Lets pretend for a moment I’M YOUR TRAVEL AGENT… what’s the first question I’m going to ask you?  Right, WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?   Without knowing where we want to go how would you ever expect to get there, but we all do don’t we? It’s called TRYING! and we all know there is no TRY, only DOING!

The Third Step… Take Action!

All the BEST laid plans become futile if you can implement! This is usually where FEAR kicks in to stop you.  Unknown to your CONSCIOUS MIND, your UNCONSCIOUS MIND is stopping you because it cares for you.  Its primary job is to protect you from anything that might be harmful, and anything that you haven’t done before or might be outside of your comfort zone is considered pain to your unconscious mind. So my job is to point out to you HOW you can secretly turn that fear into pleasure.

What’s Been Holding You Back…

Can you answer this; can you describe what specially you want in your life right now? Are you clear about it? Would a 7 year old be able to comprehend it? Do you take action on a daily basis to achieve it? This is specifically what our Personal and Professional Success Coaching gives you, the ability to empower yourself on an on-going basis to ACT, the ability to consistently take daily action! In developing a partnership as your Success Coach I personally work with you to clarify your goals, expand your creativity, create more flexibility, and quickly move you towards your outcomes. We can work together weekly, monthly or as often as you like to make your future so compelling, it will actually feel as if it’s drawing you towards it. You MUST reprogram your old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs to produce the results you desire.


Terms & Conditions Availability: When John’s schedules permits. Payments through Paypal or monthly charge to your credit card. Cancellation Policy: 24hr. period required to reschedule or you will be charged the full amount of the session. You must be committed to “do whatever it takes to succeed.” Your investment is as follows; $150 per hour, 3 session minimum (at your discretion). Please Read Our Success Disclaimer & Policy Notice Here!