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Premier NLP Courses

Introduction To NLP Course

A simple, step-by-step system you can do to achieve more results, develop better success strategies, and empower yourself by re-programming your subconscious with tasks and solutions!

NLP Mastery Course

Discover the fundamental skills of high-achievers, the successful attitudes and empowering beliefs, so you can learn to replicate and install them in yourself and use them to help others succeed as well!

Speak Up With Power Course

Self-hypnosis is simply bypassing the critical faculty of the subconscious and dropping in suggestions that favor your goals. Trance is a naturally occurring state of heightened concentration!

NLP Five-Step Sales Process

Complete NLP practitioner course in 25 MP3s format with downloadable PDF training manual, recorded LIVE from a 12 day NLP practitioner training in Los Angeles. With full 30 day email support.

Manifesting Abundance Course

Successful sales people know selling is the ability to take a client through a process that builds rapport, uncovers their needs and asks for the sale. 1 Hr MP3, a full manual & email support!

Setting Goals Course

Confidently Speak Up With POWER and INFLUENCE so you can influence yourself AND anyone at anytime! Follow along my 6 CD & full manual step-by-step system, with email support!

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Introduction To NLP MP3

Learn all about NLP... the most influential communication personal change technology. It's how our brain operates to produce the results!


Goal Setting Worksheet

Get my free setting goals worksheet where you can simply enter your information and manage exactly how to produce your results!