NLP Training

SAMPLE:  Day 5 Practitioner Training
Hypnotic Language Patterns


What You Receive:

– 25 MP3’s inside system
– I20 pg. practitioner manual

List of Audio Chapters

Audio Lessons:

– Easy to follow along
– In depth exercises per MP3
– Full 30 day email support

1. Introduction to NLP
2. NLP Success Formula
3. Presuppositions of NLP
4. Sensory Acuity
5. Rapport A
6. Rapport B
7. Rapport C
8. Rapport D
9. Eye Patterns

10. Representational Systems
11. Submodalities
12. Like-To-Dislike Process

13. Swish Pattern
14. Anchoring
15. Presuppositions of Language
16. Chucking / Hierarchy

17. Milton Model A
18. Milton Model B

19. Meta-Model
20. Metaphors
21. Reframing
22. Parts Integration

23. Time-Line
24. Five-Step Sales Process


NLP Practitioner MP3 Series



This was recorded LIVE from a 12 day NLP practitioner training in Los Angeles CA. Listen and learn powerful NLP methods, techniques and most importantly the ‘attitude’ NLP has become famous for that will help you transform the challenges in life right away. With this “live” MP3 training you’ll discover new tools to eliminate negative patterns which once held you back to produce incredible results more often and quickly! This is a complete NLP practitioner course in MP3 format with downloadable PDF training manual. You can intimately join our classroom.  Download the MP3’s to your MP3 player and take us anywhere, in a plane, hotel room, or in your car. Now you can learn what makes the difference between ‘outstanding’ and the ordinary. Discover the secrets of your mind simply by just listening to these 24 incredible MP3’s. (only downloadable media)

PLUS get unlimited eMail support for 30 full days with John!

(Attention: Program Does Not Come With Certification. Must Attend A “Live” Practitioner Training To Get Certified. 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, minus Paypal Fee’s)

” I’ll I can say is that John knows his stuff! This is a great NLP practitioner program you’ve got to listen to. It’s like you’re right their in class with all the other students, learning and having fun. If you seriously want to learn NLP, this is the program to start with, GET IT TODAY!  ”  – Paul Babbitt – NLP Trainer

” If you are ready to take your life to the next level, John’s NLP MP3 series is a great place to start.  It’s not magic. It’s not wishful thinking. It is tremendous information that when you begin to apply to your life, you begin to go beyond what you thought your limitations were. I highly recommend this MP3 series! ” – Bart Smith – Entrepreneur