I can absolutely recommend the following merchants for the highest quality of service and care they provide their clients and customer support. Don’t see it here, contact my office, and I’ll find it for you and let you know!

To Your Success,
John James Santangelo C.Ht.



GetResponse Email / Autoresponder / Marketing Software


Internet Audio & Video for a $1. a day

Audio Acrobat, www.AudioAcrobat.com


On-Line Computer Video Tutorials

My Training Center, www.MyTrainingCenter.com

Book, eBook, Kindle Publishing Services

Jim and Zetta Brown, www.JimAndZetta.com

World-Class Anxiety Relief Service

BrightLife Phobia & Anxiety Release Center, www.FearIntoPower.com

Media & Publicity Interview Training

Gayl Murphy, www.InterviewTactics.com and www.GaylMurphy.com

World’s Best Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Amazing Custom Chocolate-Chip Cookie – www.BartsCookies.com

Window Cleaners – Westlake Village, CA.

Assets Window Cleaning, www.AssetsWindowCleaning.com

Life Coach Certification – Results In Coaching.com

Mandy Pratt & Mike Ryan – www.ResultsInCoaching.com