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NLP Five-Step Sales Process

Download, Listen & Implement the Famous NLP Five-Step Sales Process...



The most successful and influential sales people understand selling is about your ability to take each client through a process that builds rapport, uncovers their needs and asks for the sale. Selling is simply a “process,” and if you recognize what that process is, you can then duplicate it over and over again with success each and every time.

This NLP five-step sales process was developed from modeling the best salespeople in the business. Once you understand the ‘process’ of selling, you then must develop the proper mindset for success. Our simple and easy to learn program is designed to give you the exact five steps to take each potential customer through easily and successfully so you can begin to close more sales!

People BUY emotionally and justify it logically. HOW you make them feel is just as important as knowing the process to help them buy. So knowing that you need this feels right, and it logically makes sense having the right process, doesn’t it?

  • 1 Hr Audio MP3

  • 100 Pg Manual and

  • 1 Hour Coaching with John

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