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Do you have a business, relationship, or personal development show…  then John James Santangelo PhD will be one of the best guests you’ve made the decision to bring on your show, because he’s makes YOU and your GUESTS the stars of the interview. He is the ideal professional speaker and performer! He will be a real treat for your guests and advertisers. Below, are several topics to choose from, or contact John to discuss a subject that will interest your guests. Just fill in the INTERVIEW REQUEST FORM here to get started, or please call our office (818) 879-2000.

John James Santangelo PhD
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Discovering NLP by John Santangelo, PhDDISCOVERING NLP by John James Santangelo PhD


You’ve probably heard all about it and asking “What is NLP and what can it do for me?” Yes? Well, here it is, my new book; Discovering NLP and everything you’d want to know about the famous results of NLP!  Imagine if you could easily model anyone’s successful behavior and install it within yourself, that’d be cool right? Or take bad habits or negative programming such as nail-biting, smoking, procrastination or even negative self-talk and completely eliminate it or… become the powerful individual you deserve!  It’s all possible with NLP and the information packed in this amazing book…   BUY ON AMAZON!


NLP sales processFIVE-STEP SALES PROCESS  This NLP five-step sales process was developed from modeling the best salespeople in the business. Once you understand the ‘process’ of selling, you then must develop the proper mindset for success. Our simple and easy to learn program is designed to give you the exact five steps to take each potential customer through easily and successfully so you can begin to close more sales!

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COMMUNICATION MASTERY  The Speak Up System was designed with the typical non-sales person in mind. This step-by-step process helps boost self-esteem, develop powerful language, set your intentions and direction to map out an actionable plan, and tools to expand your verbal and non-verbal skills to influence others positively, including yourself! Speak Up With Power teaches communications and assertiveness skills via a self-paced easy to learn system.

Product Samples  –   Speaker One-Sheet


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Interview w/ Rick Nuske – “Build Unshakable Confidence Using NLP”

Podcast Interview w/ YaYa Diamond  “Discovering NLP”

Radio Interview w/Barbara Schiffman – “Developing Emotional Power”

Lifelong Wellness Interview w/Wes Malik – “Achieve Your Goals!”

LifeCoachPath Interview w Brandon Baker – “Becoming a Life Coach!”

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NLP Training

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NLP Training

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