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So, What Is The Real Problem?

And most importantly, what have you done about it?

Discover How NLP Can Transform Your Life!

Most people have two problems in creating the life they want... #1 - they are not clear about it!

#2 - they can't get out of their own way!

But once you master your communication skills you will learn to influence yourself and others!

  • Learn to get clear and find your purpose!

  • Get your emotions under your control!

  • Use hypnotic language to influence others!

  • Install strategies of success... in yourself!

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“John is my personal “Goal Guru.” I’ve learned so much from him not only about how to visualize what I really want, but how to MAKE IT HAPPEN! John’s “Speak Up with Power: system is an amazing program for realizing your dreams. Mine are already coming true!”

Susan Bratton - Podcaster,

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“Your unique and unparalleled efforts to customize Neuro Linguistic Programming training for military applications has significantly contributed to the overall high state of readiness of US Army Special Operations Command’s Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence elements. Your specialized training reflects a great credit upon your organization.”

Chief Alan Gruel - US Army Team

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Not only have I grown my business by 20% every month but have met the woman of my dreams. Had it not been for your NLP course I don't know if everything would been happening it is today. For anyone that's truly interested in gaining personal power, you must use LA NLP.com

Max Gorin - Lifeline Ambbulance

"I've Made It My Mission

To Give You The Exact

Process Of Success

 I've Taught To Thousands!"

I've done professionally for the last couple decades and now you can have these simple NLP techniques to finally get clarity and learn to hack your unconscious mind for real results! 

John James Santangelo PhD

Invest In Yourself Today!

Here's What You're Going To Get...

Look at the course topics and what you're going to master...

    INTRODUCTION- Success & Failure

  • Life - Success & Failure

  • Pain / Pleasure principle

  • Perception is Projection

    Lesson #1- The Roadmap To Success

  • History & Definition of NLP

  • NLP Communication Model

  • NLP Success Formula

    Lesson #2- Reading People Like A Book

  • Power of Beliefs

  • Sensory Acuity

  • Calibration

    Lesson #3- Communication & Rapport

  • How To Create Instant Rapport

  • Eye Patterns Questions 

  • Predicates & Phrases

    Lesson #4- Uncovering Human Experience

  • Submodalites - The building blocks of reality

  • Pattern Interrupts - How to break rapport when you need to

  • Swish Pattern - Change a bad habit in minutes not years 

    Lesson #5- Controlling Emotional States

  • Anchoring - The ability to control someone's emotions

  • State Elicitation Script - Call up someone's states at will

  • Resource & Collapse Anchors - Eliminate negative emotions

    Lesson #6- Hypnotic Language Mastery

  • Language Mastery - Use language as a powerful tool

  • Milton Model - easily Induce trance in others

  • Meta-Model - Ask questions that uncover  someone's desires

    Lesson #7- Strategies For Success

  • Uncovering Strategies - Secretly Uncover someone's mental processes

  • Designing & Installing Success Strategies in yourself & others

  • Unlocking your Deep-Love & Spelling Strategies

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Bonus #1: Setting Goals eBook

A simple, step-by-step system you can do to achieve more results, develop better success strategies, and empower yourself by re-programming your subconscious with simple tasks and solutions that work if you do!

($15.00 Value)

Bonus #2: Success Affirmations

Re-program your subconscious by listening to 280 powerful Affirmations before bed, upon awaking, anytime to transform your unconscious minds associations to Wealth, Relationships, Health & Spirituality.

($27.00 Value)

Bonus #3: 21-Day Habit Worksheet

For some reason people find it easy to achieve what they desire if they are help accountable. This simple, easy to follow worksheet will KEEP YOU FOCUSED and give you motivation all along the way to get what you want!

($27.00 Value)

What Are You Missing This Time?

Quit wasting more time with all the other garbage and take your learning seriously!

Here's A Quick Description Of What You Really Need...

An easy to follow along course with powerful learning modules and tasks for each lesson!

  • 7 simple lessons & tasks to follow along!

  • Easy to read lessons with audio MP3's!

  • Everything is laid out to be a simple 1, 2, 3 process so you'll easily stay on course!

  • It's available in a quick membership site format that delivers what its suppose to!

NO THANKS... just send me my free guide!

Who Is this Course Seriously For?

This course will only help those who are committed to their own success!

  • Coaches

  • Sales People

  • Managers

  • Parents

  • Teenagers

  • Leaders

  • Authors

  • Teachers

  • Entrepuneurs

  • Don't Buy This NLP Course If...

  • it's going to be another course you bought that sits on your shelf! 

  • if you're not ready to transform the life you have into the one you want!

  • you find yourself procrastinating and live within your comfort zone!

  • you dont feel you deserve the best possible opportunities in life!

  • Yes, I want to take control of my life!

    But Don't Take My Word For It...

    Here's what others are saying about John and this NLP Intro Mastery Course...

    "Just what I was looking for"

    "This is a testimonial by the user that explains the great things about the product or service and how it has practically helped them to grow to make more sales and grow their business in unexpectedly short amount of time."

    Jane Doe VP Marketing, XYZ Inc.

    "I see results..."

    "This is a testimonial by the user that explains the great things about the product or service and how it has practically helped them to grow to make more sales and grow their business in unexpectedly short amount of time."

    Jane Doe VP Marketing, XYZ Inc.

    "This is so useful!"

    "This is a testimonial by the user that explains the great things about the product or service and how it has practically helped them to grow to make more sales and grow their business in unexpectedly short amount of time."

    Jane Doe VP Marketing, XYZ Inc.

    Answers You Need To Make A Decision!

    Which one of these answers will give you clarity to decide?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do You Offer Support After Purchase... Because Most Other Companies Wont?

    YES, I DO!  You can email our me or our support team [email protected] and I promise myself or my staff will answer your question ASAP! This is why we are different and better! My mission and my promise to you...  and myself!   I AM HERE FOR YOU!

    Why Are You Charging Such a Small Fee?

    If you’re thinking “$7 is cheap… what’s the catch?” here's 3 reasons that should put your mind at ease:

    1. $7 puts this information within the reach of everyone… from parents, coaches. sales people, to teenagers wanting to figure life out. No one should want to say no!

    2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious adventurers who take action, and want to make awesome transformations in their life. In our experience charging anything… even if it’s just a couple dollars… will get rid of 99% of the tire-kickers.

    3. We believe that once you experience this NLP Intro Course you’ll come back, buy more and possibly upgrade to our NLP Mastery Course Certification where you get access to "live" videos and ME as your coach with the complete NLP Library. It's that’s simple… NO fine print or details, upsells, or shenanigans. Just the information you need to produce the results you want this time!!!

    Will I Get An NLP Certification From This Course?

    Boy, I wish! But I could.. like so many other NLP trainers out there promising you can become a proficient NLP practitioner for only pennies. But that would be a lie and Im all about integrity here! This short course is all about helping you see the bigger picture, getting clear and learning to avoid the obstacles that continually hold you back daily! This course will help you make small incremental changes to influence yourself first! This is just the beginning... (it would be like handing you a certificate to become a licensed chiropractor through the mail.... A true NLP certification is 120 hrs of hands-on training with me... (and I'll give you a killer discount if you're interested in becoming a licensed NLP Practitioner.) It's called our NLP Mastery Training Program! 

    How long Will I Have Access to the Materials?

    As long as you remember your username and password you will have access to this course FOREVER! And of course you can always email us to provide it or change it at anytime! Have I said it enough...
    IM HERE FOR YOU!   (818) 879-2000

    Do You Guarantee This Program Will Work For Me?

    The Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés issued a rather crazy demand, he ordered his men when they landed upon the new world and began their conquest of the Aztec empire in 1519… the order was simple: Burn the boats! He wanted his men to realize that they had no opportunity to fail, so they had to give this everything they had. Failure was not an option and winning this time was of grave importance!

    I WANT TO BURN YOUR BOATS!  Life is not a dress rehearsal... You get one chance at making it work in the real world.  I want to ask you if YOU ARE SERIOUS this time and decide that you're going to do this! Honestly, If you need a guarantee that YOU will not work this Intro course, then maybe its not for you! I honor & respect you and will be here every step of your journey if you want me along your path of success... I PROMISE!  

    NO THANKS... just send me my free guide!

    Here's My Personal Guarantee...

    I'll say it again... I am here for you... I mean it! I have been there where you are at; frustrated, anxious, maybe pissed off at myself... But nothing is going to work for you until you have two things in place;

    #1 - knowing exactly what you want, clarity is power, AND #2 getting out of your own way.

    And along your path, the MOTIVATION to kick butt. 

    I know because I've done all these simple tasks and exercises you're about to learn but... YOU NEED TO WORK THE COURSE! It will work if you do, but I will be here to help you... have I said that enough? Don't just TRY IT OUT.... DO IT this time around. Make a serious commitment to yourself that you're going to be better, more communicative, more confident! Because I believe in you and you can do this with me! I AM HERE FOR YOU! ( have I said that enough ;- )

    John James Santangelo PhD

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