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The True Key To Happiness...

Is the ability to manage and control your conscious and unconscious mind to effectively produce the results you do want, not the worries and frustration that come with trying to figure out relationships!
Life is truly meant to be amazing... It's time you finally make that decision to PLAY FULL OUT !


our neurology

The physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual components our neurology and how they interact efficiently with each other - which now we know to be the mind / body connection!


our language

Linguistics pertains to the internal and external language that you use, specifically - how you communicate with others and most importantly, how you communicate with yourself!


our behaviors

You know this as your habits and strategies to produce results - good or bad.! Your mind is an internal operating system much like a computer, which can be programmed and more importantly...

Building Strong Relationships

Why is it we work so hard to FIND love but rarely work so hard to STAY in love? Well the answer is quite simple, usually over-looked as TOO SIMPLISTIC or even unrealistic…  Ready for it???

You must LIKE the person you fall in love with!

#1 – NEVER stop dating!
#2 – Communicate, talk, discuss things!
#3 – Find each others pleasure points!
#4 – Stay attractive to your mate. healthy, ALIVE!
#5 – Honor yourself FIRST!
#6 – Be patient, give yourself and them TIME!
#7 – FIGHT FAIRLY… Geez, this is so simple yet we rarely achieve.

I was with Dr. Phil at his last LIVE workshop the night before he went on the air for his first time without Oprah, The Dr. Phil Show, and I’ll never forget something he said that shifted my entire perspective on fighting… He asked the audience; “do you know what is the #1 precursor to divorce?” Now, me being such a smart-alec yelled out… MARRIAGE?”

Well, that wasn’t the answer he was looking for but it did get a huge laugh from the audience… He said RESENTMENT!  Huh? What does THAT mean?

In every relationship, there's the exciting "good" stuff, and also some "bad" and "ugly" moments.

BUT guess what? Its all completely normal!

There TWO REASONS why relationships fail:

1. Negative Anchors

2. Wrong love strategies

IN HER BOOK - "They Lived Happily Ever After" - methods for achieving happy endings in coupling! - Leslie Cameron Bandler 

Here's the secret to maintaining a harmonious connection with your partner:

The beauty of a deep, lasting connection is feeling comfortable enough to be your authentic/vulnerable self, even when it's not all rainbows and butterflies.

So, how do you navigate THROUGH those moments?

1️. Set the stage upfront:

Agree that disagreements are a part of life,

and it's okay to go through them.

2️. Develop a conflict resolution strategy:

Make sure you both know how to handle arguments constructively.

3️. Emotional management:

Be each other's rock during tough times, and remember, you're a team!

When you build a foundation of trust and open communication,

you can weather any storm that comes your way.

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