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Go Further - Master Practitioner Course!

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Transform Your Personal and Professional Life & Finally Get Results!
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Take You New Skills To The Next Level!

Nothing really, it's not your fault, it's just bad childhood programming...
But it is your responsibility to change it if  you want to lead a fulfilling life!

Our Masters Course Will Take Your Personal Power Further Than You Could've Imagined...

Take This Opportunity...  Don't Pass It Up!

  • Learn to manage & control your emotions

  • Change past events that hold you back

  • Create deeper relationships in your life

  • Build-in successful business strategies

  • Get CLEAR on all your goals & plans

Decide For Yourself, You Want To Take This Even Further

"This NLP Course Gave Me Super Powers!"

See what other students are saying about this Master Practitioner Course 

"John's support is truly AMAZING!"

Not only have I grown my business by 20% every month but have met the woman of my dreams. Had it not been for your NLP course I don't know if everything would been happening it is today. For anyone that's truly interested in gaining personal power, you must use LA NLP.com

Max Gorin -  LifeLine Ambulance Service

"John and staff are the real deal"

As a Personal stylist coach, let me ask you a question: "are you looking to transform your life and or business?" If the answer is YES, like me, this was the BEST INVESTMENT I made for myself. This is one decision you wont regret making. Decide and enroll in one of John's NLP courses today!

Yolanda Marie - Personal Stylist Coach

"This course is the one you need!"

Ive learned so much from hom about how to visualize what I truly want, but how to make it happen! John's NLP training programs are an amazing path to realize your dreams. Now its your turn to make yours a reality as well! You must take the next step and get this NLP mini-course. You're gonna love it! 

Mandy Keene - Tony Robbins Coach

"I've Made It My Mission To Give You The Exact
Process Of Success

 Thousands Have Learned!

"There is nothing more powerful as a trainer than to have a huge impact of so many individuals looking to make the necessary changes they know they deserve!"

John James Santangelo PhD

I'd Be Honored To Have You!

Here's You're Masters Course Details...

See what's inside the 'LIVE' 12 day course and all the topics covered

    Weekend #1: 
    Intro To NLP & Communication

  • Logistics and Introduction to the basic principles of NLP!

  • NLP history, the famous 'Communication Model' & NLP Success Formula! Discover your most important goals and why they are not being fulfilled.

  • Sensory Acuity skills - understanding how to read the subtle 'unconscious' clues everyone puts out and what to do with them, and not mind read! 

  • Sensory Acuity skills cont... learn advanced skills to enhance your social awareness and how to read people like a book - called 'Situational Awareness.'

    Weekend #2:  
    Changing Negative Beliefs Systems

  • Rapport skills weekend - Learn what rapport really is and how you can easily create it with anyone you meet within 90 seconds or less!

  • Learn how to 'break rapport' eloquently when you're in an uncomfortable situation and mirror & match their energy to influence anyone, anytime!

  • Decode the 'Eye Pattern Scramble' to eliminate mild negative emotions!

  • Learn 'Rep Systems' that will give you insight to how others think, behave and how they use their language to help them change their results anytime! 

  • Discover "SUBMODALITIES' and how to codify and program our inner world!

  • Learn the famous SWISH pattern to change unwanted, bad habits in minutes!

  • Become proficient at "Anchoring' to immediately change your states as well as others emotional states just by using a physical touch or a power word!

  • Collapse negatives emotional states that have help you back for decades!

    Weekend #3: 
    The Power Of Hypnotic Language

  • Learn the TEN categories of language and how to intrepert what is 'pressuposed' and what are 'mind reads' in our daily language patterns!

  • Gain mastery over 'chunking' and 'hierarchy' of your own language patterns that will help you run circles around others in negotiations and arguements!

  • Learn 18 Milton Model language patterns to hypnotize clients to change and utilize them to artfully enhance your ability to seduce others with mere words!

  • Be able to uncover the deeper structure of what others are really saying by using Meta Model questions to quickly get to their true unconscious meaning!

  • Come learn how to tell stories using 'Metaphors' that will help you clients change old, unwanted negatives programs that have help them back forever!

    Weekend #4: 
    Installing Strategies Of Success

  • Learn what 'Strategies' are how we use them to produce successful programs to enhance our everyday lives, and how to interrupt and easily change them!

  • Come discover the famous DEEP-LOVE, SPELLING & MOTIVATION strategies!

  • Use 'Reframing' to change a negative language pattern in yourself and easily change another's result just by reframing their verbal utterance!

  • Become a master of 'Parts Integration' to eliminate hard-wired self conflict!

  • Learn the ingenious 'Fast Phobia Model' NLP has become so famous for... even Tony Robbins used to demonstrate eliminating phobias on 'live' television!

    Weekend #5: 
    The Perfect Sales/EFT Process

  • The founders of NLP used their 'Modeling' techniques to generate the FIVE STEP SALES PROCESS that every successful sales person implements.

  • Learn EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique that can instantly extinguish long standing negative emotions just by tapping meridian points in the body!

  • Learn TIME LINE THERAPY how it was originally developed by Tad James!

  • Elicit someone's TIME LINE and know the difference between IN-TIME people and THROUGH-TIME people and how to distort and eliminate past events!

  • Learn the Decision Destroyer, Anxiety Release, Limiting Belief to let go of the three biggest challenges we face daily as human beings!

    Weekend #6: 
    Board-Break, Testing & Graduation

  • Learn the basic principles of Hypnosis and how to induce 'TRANCE' in anyone!

  • Learn Hypnotic inductions/conversions, Deepening techniques and Milton Erickson's famous Hand-Shake interrupt pattern!

  • Quickly Induce trance for motivation or confidence in anyone, AND yourself!

  • Take our easy and passable test so we can discover what you've learned!

  • Participate in our BOARD-BREAK / GRADUATION ceremony on your last day!

  • Join Us Sept 16th - Oct 23rd - Register Today!

And, Get These Free Killer Bonuses...

The free bonuses expire 30 days before class begins

Bonus #1:
NLP Audiobook Lessons

An NLP practitioner course in 25 MP3s with PDF training manual, recorded LIVE from a 12 day NLP practitioner course in Los Angeles.

($97. Value)

Bonus #2:
My Famous Goals eBook

A simple, step-by-step system you can do to achieve more results, develop better success strategies, and empower yourself by re-programming your subconscious mind!

($27. Value)

Bonus #3: 
Free Coaching Session

Once you are clear about what you want, and have moved past your self-imposed limitations you'll need help to stay motivated everyday!

($150. Value)

Why You Want To Continue Your Journey!

Most people procrastinate so long they finally realize time is just slipping away

Finished What You Started!

TIME...  How much longer will you wait to make the changes you deserve... 1,  5,  10 more years? 

  • You'll look back and wish you did this!

  • This was designed around YOUR schedule!

  • Attend only on 6 consecutive weekends

  • Get support & lessons during the week

  • Free support & Another class for Free

Become Even More Powerful!

Do You Know What's Worse... MAKING THE WRONG DECISION, Am I Right?
That's why I wanted to take out all your hesitation so you can make the right decision to train with us!
Yes, please... SEARCH AROUND for other training companies before you decide to go with us.
I KNOW, you will NEVER find another certification company that will give you more for your investment!

  •  Return Again for Free, Forever!  NO ONE will give you this deal!

  •  Unlimited Support During and After the course is over, Forever!

  •  The Best Pricing Deal in the NLP community, GUARANTEED!

  •  AND, a promise you'll become a licensed NLP Practitioner!

I Want To Become A Master Practitioner Sept 2023

Who Is this Master's Course For?

This course will only help those who are committed to their own success!

  • Coaches

  • Sales People

  • Consultants

  • Marketers

  • Managers

  • Leaders

  • Authors

  • Entrepuneurs

  • Teachers

  • Why This Course Is Perfect For You!

    If what you've been doing isn't working up until today, WHY WOULD IT CHANGE NOW?

    You COULD continue looking and hope you find the answers... or you could follow proven success over and over again with millions of individuals around the world that have discovered NLP to be their one secret weapon in controlling their emotions, making better life decisions, and learn to change their past negative history that holds them back... IT'S NOW YOUR TURN!

    Don't regret not taking action this time, you're half way there, decide for yourself this is what you need to do to live a life with more joy, passion AND success! Come join a group of committed individuals this year and become an unstoppable force in your own life!

    Yes! I Want To Take My NLP Power Even Further



    Only enroll with a friend!
    Sept 16th - Oct 22rd

    6 straight weekend

  • 120 Hr LIVE Training

  • Hands-On Instruction

  • Full Licensed Program

  • Guaranteed Certification



    before Aug 31st

    Enroll early - Get this price!
    Sept 16th - Oct 22rd
    6 straight weekends

  • 120 Hr LIVE Training

  • Hands-On Instruction

  • Full Licensed Program

  • Guaranteed Certification

  • SAVE $1,000.00



    after Sept 1st

    Enroll after Sept 1st.
    Sept 16th - Oct 22rd
    6 straight weekends

    • 120 Hr LIVE Training

    • Hands-On Instruction

    • Full Licensed Program

    • Guaranteed Certification


    But Don't Take My Word For It...

    Here's what others are saying about John and this NLP Practitioner course...

    "Another Tony Robbins..."

    "Wow! What an experience I had attending John's NLP course.  His energy and enthusiasm is so infectious it made learning effortless. I look at the impossible and it seems like such small obstacles, I now put myself in resourceful states to handle any obstacle. I definitely recommend taking LANLP's Certification class if your looking for big results for your life."

    Seth Rowlands - Tony Robbins Assoicate

    "My 40 specialists were impressed!

    "Your unique and unparalleled efforts to customize Neuro Linguistic Programming training for military applications has significantly contributed to the overall high state of readiness of US Army Special Operations Command's Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence elements. Your specialized training reflects a great credit upon your organization."

    Chief Alan Gruel - US Army Special Operations

    "There's NO ONE better than John!"

    "John Santangelo is my personal "Goal Guru." I've learned so much from him not only about how to visualize what I really want, but how to MAKE IT HAPPEN! John's "Speak Up with Power: system is an amazing program for realizing your dreams. Mine are already coming true!"

    Susan Bratton - Sexual Intimacy Coach

    The Answers You Need To Decide...

    Sometimes you're just one answer away from making a great decision

    How Long Is The Full Certification Course?

    You’re going to receive the benefits of the traditional pure 12-day, 120-hr program. Because this is how Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed and founded GENUINE NLP back in the early 1970’s. We acknowledge and respect the model they created because it WORKS! You get 12-days / 120-hrs of face-to-face time over the course of 6 weekends with your trainer, AND support in-between the weekends personally from John. 

    How Many Hours Per Day Does It Run?

    Each day consists of 8 – 10 Hrs. Normally 10AM – 6/7PM with an optional morning study group from 830 – 930AM. Come ask questions, reexamine the prior days materials, or just a  1-on-1 with John.

    What I Required To Get NLP Certified?

    Like I explained above, the standard NLP community requires 120-hrs of face-to-face time with your trainer and to pass a comprehensive but simple essay test ( which I give you all the answers too.) We package this entire certification in 12 amazing and fun days, 6 weekends - I PROMISE you'll never forget!

    Why Is Your Course The Best In Los Aneles?

    First and foremost, we bring decades of REAL-WORLD corporate and clinical “in-the-trenches” work experience to your NLP training. This benefits you, our graduates, by maximally preparing you for doing truly effective work with people once you’re out in the field. Most trainers have NO real world experience what-so-ever! They get certified and then go on to train others but never USE what they have in the real world! LANLP offers you the expertise and education from an experienced professional speaker & trainer IN THE SPEAKING BUSINESS! And John works closely with each and every student! We work around YOUR schedule! Our program is designed so you’ll become certified over the course of six weekends, so you can have a life and take only the necessary time off to train and learn with us. Because you’ll train only on the weekends, it gives you plenty of time to practice and integrate the information in between classes and form out-of-class study groups with fellow students during the week to learn the information at a deeper level. Don’t be fooled by other courses giving you reasons why they cannot give you the traditional 12-day 120-hrs of face-to-face time with the trainers. Yes, the CD’s, reading and studying are necessary, but not a substitute for pure hands-on instruction. You become certified as a practitioner of NLP the way is was originally designed, and we plan on remaining true to NLP roots. Because this is how Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed and founded GENUINE NLP, we acknowledge and respect the model they created because IT WORKED!

    Is It Guaranteed That I Pass & Get Certified?

    YES, I GUARANTEE YOU'LL PASS and we know you’re going to have so much fun and learn all about how YOU CAN help yourself over-come challenges, change emotional states and for YOU to create a compelling future, we guarantee your success. If at anytime up until the END OF THE FIRST WEEKEND you’re unhappy for any reason, we will gladly return your investment. You have a full 2 days to confirm the decision you made with us. (If you dont say anything after that first weekend, you fully comply with our certification program and decided to stay the course.

    What Support Do You Offer After We Graduate?

    First off, NO OTHER NLP TRAINING COMPANY will give you support AFTER you graduate...  WE DO!
    Some are framed as broad associations that endorse a lesser time standard (usually seven days, or less. The so called “accelerated,” “advanced, ” “fast track” or a 4-day programs, these DO NOT meet Practitioner of NLP industry standards no matter what they say,  BUT that is why we offer you unlimited email and phone support FOREVER because we believe in our training and program...  ASK ANOTHER COMPANY FOR THAT!!! 

    How Do I Get Started Right Away?

    The easiest and fastest way to get started is to give us a call at (818) 879-2000 or shoot us an email inquiring about our next NLP training here in Los Angeles. And when you decide to train with us for one of our upcoming NLP training’s we’ll send your Full Training Packet which includes the details and logistics for your course. So email us: [email protected] and let us know your thoughts or plans because we’re here to help you every step of the way discovering how NLP will transform your life!

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Please Enroll Me In The Masters Course

    Here's My Personal Guarantee...

    NO ONE...  in the 25 years I've been teaching and training NLP has anyone NOT got certified and graduate my practitioner course.. it's guaranteed you pass and get your certification with us, I PROMISE!  
    The course is set up for you to succeed with every day training, demonstration, and exercise you'll learn!

    This is the real challenge with learning in traditional schools, they are not set up for you to win. They are designed to find fault in what you do not in your successes! They are fixated on finding what you don't know, not what you do know. NLP trainings are designed completely opposite; to give you the tools and skills to succeed and then make sure you know how to use them properly so it's second nature testing!
    But, dont take my word for it, I'm asking for YOU TO DECIDE this is something you want to do now!

    John James Santangelo PhD

    Get my NLP book today, Free!

    Enroll Today, Get My New NLP Book FREE!

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