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NLP... The Owners Manual To The Mind!

Learn how to finally run your brain using NLP! Develop the mental power to change the way you think, feel and behave to get NLP's proven results to influence yourself and enhance your personal power!

  • Learn in a comfortable Hands-On LIVE course

  • Attend for free, FOREVER once you graduate

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    Become a true master of NLP to influence yourself as well as others!


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    'LIVE' NLP Certification

    If you're like me, I need to be immersed in a hands-on event! Come join a group of other highly motivated individuals to change their beliefs, master their emotions and shape their future! 

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    Get the famous entry level course: INTRODUCTION TO NLP to begin your transformation. Seven powerful modules consisting of audio MP3's, full NLP manual and exercises to boost each lesson!

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    Why Choose Our NLP Certification

    TIME… pure and simple. NO ONE will give you the support you need during and after your NLP training, NO ONE!

    Spend 12 days with us or spend another 12 years with some other program… because you expect RESULTS, Yes? 

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    Attend for FREE over and over again once you graduate Forever!

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    Unlimited email support from John
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    Come Break-Through Your Past Limitations

    Come have some fun with us!

    We provide each student with an actual 12X12 inch pine board. On it, they present their FEARS on one side and their GOALS on the other. We encourage them to create a collage of images and sayings, much like a vision board. Some use colored markers, magazine pictures, or paint beautiful works of art... only to break through their boards on the very last weekend. A CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS!


    Trusted By 1000+ Students...

    We pride ourselves on our amazing content, but more important... our Graduates!

    Not only have I grown my business by 20% every month but have met the woman of my dreams. Had it not been for John's NLP course I don't know if everything would been happening it is today.

    -Max Gorin

    As a Personal stylist coach...

    "are you looking to transform your life and or business?" If so, this is the BEST NVESTMENT I made for myself. This is one decision you wont regret making. Decide and enroll today!

    -Yolanda Marie

    Ive learned so much from John about how to visualize what I truly want, but most importantly, how to make it happen! John's NLP training programs are an amazing path to realize your dreams. Now its your turn!

    - Mandy Keene

    About John...

    John James Santangelo PhD... a nationally acclaimed speaker, NLP trainer, author and results coach has been a guiding force in empowering individuals and businesses to excel at their peak performance. He is a foremost authority in success principles & expert in the field of communication, a behavioral special​ist, NLP trainer, and a Ph.D. as a clinical hypnotherapist. John has the knowledge, experience and expertise working with companies such as Learning Annex, CSUN University, Mary Kay, RE/MAX Realtors, Well Point, Multiple-Sclerosis Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Xerox, the L.A. Sheriff's Dept., the Teamsters Union, AND months after 9/11, with the US Army counter-intelligence team.